Elizabeth Dixon Hearth Lounge

Room number: 
104 Student Union
Room type: 
Reception/Gathering Space
Maximum capacity: 
Seating Type: 
  • Catering available (limited service)
  • A/V services available (full)
  • A/V services available (limited)

The Elizabeth Dixon Hearth Lounge (104 S.U.) is a lounge space available for use by WSU student, faculty/staff and off-campus groups. The lounge can be used for a variety of events and activities including receptions, poetry readings and movie nights after normal Union Market business hours. The lounge furnishings are not mobile and should remain in their designated locations. Rearrangement of the furniture is discouraged. If furnishings in the Elizabeth Dixon Hearth Lounge are moved and not returned to their original locations, the responsible organization will be charged for the policy infractions. The lounge is capable of supporting full A/V equipment orders and limited catering options.

Room Photo: