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Student Involvement and Leadership

Student Organization Funding

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About Student Organization FundingSOBC – Student Organization Budget Committee

Student Involvement and Leadership designates university funding to the Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC) to encourage campus engagement through student organizations. Funds provided by the SOBC help foster student engagement opportunities and leadership development at Wright State.

Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC)

About the committee

SOBC is a university committee comprised of students and an advisor that reviews budget requests and makes recommendations to organizations about the amount of funds Wright State University can allot them each semester. Organizations able to request funds from the SOBC are registered and in good standing with Student Involvement and Leadership and have received a Tier II or III classification.

committee members

Member and Role Organization/Department Affiliation
Doniska Taylor, Chair Graduate Assistant, Student Involvement and Leadership
Dylan Collison Business Manager, The Wright State Guardian
Ben Osborn Director of Student Organizations, Student Government Association
Christopher S. Ingram President, Club Golf; Secretary, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Finance Club
Ryan Diaz President, Asian Student Association; President, Asian and Native American Council; Vice President, Association of Native American Students
Debbie Lamp, Advisor Associate Director, Student Involvement and Leadership

Funding Opportunities

Year-long Funding

To access the appropriate budget forms, follow the steps below:


Navigate to the Organization's Engage Page

The organization's Engage page can be found under "Memberships" on the Engage landing page. Organizations must be in good standing with Student Involvement and Leadership to access their Engage page.


Select 'Manage Organization'

The officer or designated member should see "Manage Organization" in the upper-left-hand corner. If this is not visible, the organization's president must grant you access to view management features. Email or call 937-775-5570 to ensure the appropriate member has finance features enabled. The president and treasurer have these features by default.

Manage Student Organization Button


Select 'Finance'

On the left-hand side, open the dropdown list and select “Finance.” Click the blue gear.


Create Budget Request

In the upper-right-hand corner, click the blue button that says, “Create Request,” and select “Create Budget Request.” Note: there are two separate forms: Tier II and the other for Tier III organizations. Be careful to ensure that the correct form is completed.

Budget Request Dropdown

Once the deadline has passed, the committee members will meet to decide on hearing dates. Watch your Wright State email for further details. SOBC will then meet and decide on the budget requests. The committee will offer recommendations before the end of the spring semester.

Special Funding Opportunities

Student Involvement and Leadership provides an alternate funding source for one-time activities, events, or programs sponsored by registered student organizations that are not otherwise financially supported by the Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC).

Fall Budget Requests

Letters for spring and summer 2022 SOBC awards were sent out in December. Applications for fall 2023 SOBC requests are due on Engage by Friday, April 1, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Terms and Definitions

Submission Periods

Budget submission periods vary based on organization type. Tier II organizations submit a semesterly budget, while Tier III (Coordinating Organizations) submit a yearly budget. Tier I organizations are ineligible for university funding. Dates and timelines will be communicated to the president and treasurer via their Wright State email and Engage.

Organization Type Budget Type Submission Period
Tier I Ineligible


Tier II Semesterly Fall Requests: March submission period
Spring and Summer Requests: October submission period
Tier III Yearly March submission period

Budget Hearings

While an organization can ask for as much money as they think they will need, the university may not completely fund all projects and materials. For SOBC to better understand budget requests, the committee will ask that those organizations who request more than $3,000 give a presentation to further explain their events and budget. This is called a hearing. At least one member of SOBC will work with the organization’s leadership to determine a date and time for the hearing. All hearings must be completed before SOBC will start its budget allocation process.

Review and Allocation Process

SOBC will meet after all submissions have been received. The priority will be to review all submissions before the hearings (please see the above paragraph to determine your organization is required to present to SOBC). Once submissions have been reviewed and hearings are over, SOBC will meet over a two-day timeframe to decide all organizations’ budget requests.

If more time is necessary, the committee can decide the next time to meet to continue the work. SOBC reserves the right to make adjustments as needed to align with the university’s allotted budget for student organization funding. SOBC will then provide recommendations to organizations with a semi-approval. If the organization accepts the recommended budget, then the final approval will come from SIL.

For a yearly and fall budget, SIL will allocate funds in August before the academic year. SIL will allot spring and summer budgets before the start of the spring semester. The committee could make adjustments after an organization accepts the recommendation due to changes in the university’s student organization funding budget.

Deadlines for Spring 2022

All budgets are due on Friday, April 1, 2022, at 5 p.m. on Engage

Organizations may turn their budget in early for review.  For review, budgets must be turned in by noon on Sunday, March 20, 2022.  The budget will be reviewed then the organization may choose to update the budget with the suggested revisions.

Training is not required but strongly suggested.  Anyone can attend training.  

  • Monday, March 7 is virtual 12:30–2 p.m. Join Meeting
  • Tuesday, March 8 is in Medical Sciences, Room 143 from 2:30–3:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, March 9 is virtual 12:30–2 p.m. Join Meeting
  • Thursday, March 10 is in Medical Sciences, Room 143 from 2:30–3:30 p.m.
  • Friday, March 11 is virtual 12:30–2 p.m. Join Meeting

Questions? Contact Doniska Taylor at

Post-Audit Procedures

Tier II Organization Allocations

When a Tier II organization accepts funds from SOBC, the organization also agrees to submit a post-audit towards the end of the semester. Tier III organizations are not required to submit a post-audit. Tier II organizations use university agency (999XXX) funds, whereas Tier III organizations use a university general ledger for accounting purposes.

Suppose you are unsure of your organization’s tier status, email or call 937-775-5570. This audit assists the SIL office in making sure the funds were utilized and in an appropriate manner. SOBC will send out specific dates via email and through Engage.

Post-Audit Form

Please ensure that you follow all instructions on the post-audit form, including all appropriate approvals. Post-audit forms are due for Spring Semester 2022 on April 8 at 5 p.m.

How to Submit an SOBC Post-Audit