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(What Happens Next?)

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) accepts awards (grants and contracts) on behalf of the University. If any award documents are sent directly to a principal investigator, he/she should forward them to RSP immediately. RSP will review the award and obtain any required signatures for return documents. The receipt of the official award document initiates the processing of the award.
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Responsibilities of RSP Accessing grant information
Frequently Asked Questions for Principal Investigators Need help managing your grant?

Award Initiation:

Upon receipt of the award document, RSP will
    Notify the principal investigator (PI).
    Assign an orgn/fund number in Banner.
    Forward copies of the award document, the original authorization form, and the project administrative summary (budget information) to the PI.
    Prepare a budget entry to input budget into Banner.
    Prepare a salary letter including sponsor and cost-share information to be forwarded to the principal investigator, the business officer and the department chair.

Responsibilities of the PI:

    Reviewing the notice of award including all terms and conditions. Please contact RSP about any discrepancies or questions on reporting requirements and other deliverables if information is not clear.
    Executing the technical aspects of the project, including all technical report requirements.
    Adhering to all university and sponsor requirements for human subjects, lab animals, biohazards, safety and security.
    Initiating forms (including, but not limited to, salary reallocations, personnel action forms, employment agreements, purchase orders, 1200 forms, 1100 forms) for expenses that are necessary for the conduct of the sponsored project.
    • Expenditures under $5,000 should be forwarded directly to appropriate department after departmental (two) signatures have been received.
    • Expenditures of $5,000 or more must be sent to RSP for review and approval.
    • Purchases over $25,000 are normally subject to competitive bidding procedures; contact the Purchasing department for specific information.
    • If equipment is to be fabricated on the project, the PI should follow the procedure for fabricated equipment found at http://www.wright.edu/rsp/fabricated.html.
    Requesting and/or renewing procards prior to project anniversary date.
    Reviewing the monthly accounting statement in Wings Express to determine that all charges and credits are appropriate. The PI has fiscal responsibility for maintaining and controlling the transactions processed on a grant/contract account.
    • All transactions must be consistent with the terms of the contract or grant represented by the account.
    • Expenditures must not exceed the available balance or be incurred after the end date on a project.
    Contacting RSP to begin initiation of any required subcontracts.
    Contacting RSP to initiate invoicing (applicable to projects that require submission of invoices upon completion of tasks).
    Notifying RSP of the absence for more than three months, or a 25% reduction in time devoted to the project, of the approved project director or principal investigator.
    Documenting amount of effort spent on external grants and contracts on quarterly A-21 Effort Reports.

Responsibilities of RSP:

    Reviewing and approving expenditures of $5,000 or more on grant/contract accounts.
    Acting as liaison between PI and sponsor regarding modifications of funded projects (no-cost extensions, budget revisions).
    Notifying PI of due dates for submission of technical reports.
    Preparing invoices and other billings.
    Preparing deposits.
    • Any check received by a PI for a grant/contract account should be forwarded immediately to RSP for processing.
    Preparing and submitting financial reports.
    Upon notification from PI, developing, negotiating and administering all subcontracts.
    Providing contractual guidance (interpreting the sponsor's regulations and guidelines).
    Coordinating account closeout including all financial, property and invention reports.
    Acting as liaison for all audits involving sponsored projects.

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