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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Fall 1995 Vol. 27, No. 1


  • WSU's External Funding Exceeds $25 Million
  • Notes from the Director
    • Personal Comments
    • Conflict of Interest
      Spring 1999 Vol. 30, No. 3201J University Hall  Telephone 775-2425

      Faculty Networking Pays Dividends

      One can hardly refuse an offer of an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., particularly when the traveler is a faculty member in search of research funds and the benefactor is the federal government seeking to award funds. Dr. Carl Brun of the WSU Department of Social Work took advantage of just such an opportunity. With the additional support of the WSU Research Challenge Early Start/Augmentation Program, Brun found himself in our nation's capital, immersed in two days of technical assistance and discussion of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Career Development Award program in child abuse and neglect.

      How does one hear of such exceptional training opportunities? In Brun's case, he subscribes to the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research listserve, and a posted notification alerted him to this unique opening. To apply for the workshop, Brun was required to write a 4 to 5 page letter of interest addressing his commitment to a career in child abuse and neglect research, his career development plan, his proposed research project, and the resources available at his institution (and for potential collaborations).

      Brun has been fully indoctrinated into the potential of collaboration. Since arriving at WSU in 1993, he has progressed from small short-term locally funded projects to a $275,000 grant from Ohio Family and Children First. His work with the 38 community-based agencies involved in that project undeniably qualifies him as a "collaboration connoisseur." With the added advantage of the NIH technical assistance workshop, he can now put that education to use to polish a sound, scientific grant application for the Career Development Award program.

      What is the moral of this story? Sponsors clearly want to invest wisely in excellent research and promising researchers, and often make training opportunities available to potential grantwriters. The key is tapping in to that training schedule. Faculty members are encouraged to develop their own networks (by attending professional meetings, by society memberships, or by subscribing to something similar to the aforementioned listserve) to be informed of these openings.

      It should be noted that the WSU Research Travel Grant Program is intended to support travel related to the development of new research efforts that have a high likelihood of being funded. Priority is given to requests that seek support to visit sponsors to discuss pending proposals and future funding opportunities. For more information on the Research Travel Grant Program, please access the RSP homepage at: www.wright.edu/rsp/ and link to "Internal Funding Programs."

      In This Issue

      Post-Award News
      Research Incentive Awardees
      External Sponsor Awards
      RSP Staff Listing
      RSP Workshop Preview

      New on the Web

      WSU's Year 2000 Compliance Statement may be found at: http://www.cats.wright.edu/catsweb/is/wsuy2k/comp_statement.htm

      WSU's Copyright Information statement may be found at: http://www.wright.edu/cwis/copyright.html

      Research and Sponsored Program's 1997-98 annual report, Research in Review, is now available as a link at: http://www.wright.edu/rsp/. Click on "RSP Publications."

Post-Award News

Don't Get Caught Short!

This is just a reminder to all Procurement Card users that the statement close date on procurement cards is the 27th of each month. Occasionally, purchases are made in one month and cannot be processed or shipped until the next month. The charges for these purchases, and any purchases made after the 27th of each month, will be processed in the following month or months—whenever the order is completed and/or service performed. To avoid problems with charges coming in after a grant or contract has expired, you may want to use an alternative method of payment (DPO) during the last month of your grant/contract. You may request that the Controller's Office encumber the expenditures on the DPOs to give you a more accurate reading of your balance and to prevent any problems resulting from charges coming in unexpectedly after the account has been closed.

Also, RSP has instituted a new method to remind Principal Investigators that it may be time to renew their procurement cards. All procurement cards expire on the annual anniversary date of their grant or contract. A reminder notice is automatically sent out to all accounts two months prior to their current end date. If you have procurement cards on these accounts, and if you wish to renew them, instructions are contained in the memo on how to do so. If you do not have any procurement cards on these accounts, you may disregard this announcement.

Salary Reallocation Reminder!

All salary reallocations for FY98-99 are due in the Payroll Office by July 9, 1999. If you have a grant or contract with a budget for salaries, please check to make sure all of the salaries have been properly reallocated to the grant or contract for FY98-99. Please direct questions regarding salary reallocations to either the business manager in your college or school, or Research and Sponsored Programs staff, Jackie Frederick (ext. 4459) or Glen Jones (ext. 4461).

Research Incentive Awardees

Research Initiation Program

Principal InvestigatorTitleCollegeAward
Scott BairdGenetic Analysis of Nictation Behavior in Caenorhabditis elegansSM$8,000
Mark Cordano
Irene Frieze
Assessing and Managing the Impact of Relevant Toxic Release Information on Proenvironmental BehaviorCOBA$5,758
Ricardo Gutierrez-OsunaDevelopment of an Electronic Olfactory System for Autonomous Mobile RobotsECS$8,000
Ernest HauserSeismic Mapping of Obstructions in Front of Tunnel Boring Machines Using the Vibrations Caused by the Machine During Its Operation - A New Seismic MethodSM$6,455
Chaocheng HuangMathematical and Numerical Analysis for Fast Probabilistic IntegrationSM$8,000
Joseph SlaterConcepts for Semi-active DampersECS$7,708
Peter Lauf
Norma Adragna
Characterization of a K-C1 Co-transport Related Membrane ProteinSM$8,000
David GoldsteinCadmium-induced Toxicity to the Kidneys of Least ShrewsSM$6,900
Jyn-Hann ChangDifferences in Reduction of Medical Service Utilization After Brief Psychotherapy Intervention Between Average Users of Medical Services and High Users of Medical ServicesSOPP$8,000

Professional Development Program

Principal InvestigatorTitleCollegeAward
Shelley JagowDr. Eugene Rousseau's Saxophone Master Class and the Cincinnati Conservatory of MusicLA$1,535
Matthew BenjaminDesign Research - Opera Theatre of Lucca; Lucca, ItalyLA$2,500


The grants and contracts on these pages were awarded from January 1999 thorugh April 1999.

College of Business and Administration

Premus, Robert
Sanders, Nadia R.
Management Consultant Services
Modern Technologies Corporation

Scherer, Robert F.
Meyer, Jeffrey F.Anderson, Amy E.
National Association of Small Business International Trade Education (NASBITE)
National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators

College of Education and Human Services

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Fortson, Stephen B.
Diversified Teaching Force
Ohio Department of Education

Hollins, Etta R.
Diversity in Teacher Education Program
Institute for Educational Inquiry

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Regents' Scholar Program
Ohio Board of Regents

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Garber, Fred D.
Performance Prediction of ATR Technologies
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir
Registration of Deformed Images using Elastic Surfaces
Kettering Medical Center

Lieh, Junghsen
Phototube Vibration Measurement System
Ohio State University - Miscellaneous

Phillips, Chandler A.
Reynolds, David B.
REU Supplement - Bioengineering Design Projects for the Disabled
NSF, Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Shaw, Arnab K.
McCormick, William S.
Automatic Target Recognition Systems
Mission Research Corporation

Thirunarayan, Krishnaprasad
Computer-Assisted Document Interpretation Tools
Renaissance Engineering, Inc.

Weiss, Isaac
In-situ Synthesis of Discontinuously Reinforced Titanium Alloy Composites Via Blended Elemental Powder Metallurgy Processing
Research & Development Laboratories

Wolff, J. Mitch
Grandhi, Ramana V.
Precision Design, Modeling and Instrumentation in Turbomachinery
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Wolff, J. Mitch
Interferometric Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensor Dynamic Response Analysis
F&S, Inc.

Amer, Maher S.
Investigation of Graphitic Structure of Carbon Coating on Alumina Fibers
SpecTran Specialty Optics Company

Garber, Fred D.
Worrell, Steven W.
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement/Specialized Research
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Garcia, Oscar N.
Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir
Travel Grant - Mexico
NSF, International Travel Grant

College of Liberal Arts

Dockery, Jane L.
I 70/75 Back Office Regional Survey and Analysis
Regional Office of Economic Development

Dockery, Jane L.
City of Piqua Strategic Planning Process
City of Piqua

Dockery, Jane L.
Area Retention and Expansion Program
The Dayton Power and Light Company

Curry-Jackson, Anita E.
Student Achievement in Research and Scholarship (STARS)
Miami University

College of Nursing and Health

Dalton, Lisa Marie
Grooms, Sherry S.
The SPARKS Project: Supporting Parenting Adolescents - Raising Kids Safely
Greene County Family and Children First

College of Science and Mathematics

Arasu, Krishnasany T.
Arrays over Small Phase Alphabet
NSF, Grants for Scientific Research

Arlian, Larry G.
Acaricidal Analysis of Dog Food Formulations
Procter & Gamble Company

Arlian, Larry G.
Removal of Mite, Cat, and Dog Allergins from Fabric Samples
Procter & Gamble Company

Flach, John M.
Research on Information Form in Human-Machine Interfaces
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Hennessy, Michael B.
Supplement - Research in Undergraduate Institutions
NSF, Research in Undergraduate Institutions

Look, David C.
p-type ZnO
Structured Materials Industries, Inc.

Turnbull, Kenneth
The Sydnone Ring as a Director of Lithiation: Preparation and Reactions of ortho-Substituted and Fused Ring Arylsdnones
Petroleum Research Fund - American Chemical Society

Arlian, Larry G.
Miticidal Activity of Selected Products
Center Pharmaceutical

Carmichael, Wayne W.
Characterization of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
More Than One Source of Support

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Chlorinated Compounds in Tissue and Sediments
State of Tennessee

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Well Water Samples
Dow Chemical

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Analyses of Fish for 2, 3, 7, 8 - TCDD
State of Alabama

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Characterization of PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge - Mt. Orab Water Works
Mt. Orab Water Works

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Herbicide Materials

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Biological Samples
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ritzi, Jr., Robert W.
Miami Conservancy District Internship Agreement
Miami Conservancy District

Krane, Dan E.
Forensic DNA Profiling
More Than One Source of Support

Lake Campus

Evans, Dan L.
Small Business Development Center
Lima Technical College

Evans, Dan L.
Small Business Development Center
Lima Technical College

School of Graduate Studies

Sanville, Thomas J.
OhioLINK Income
More Than One Source of Support

School of Medicine

Laboratory Support Services - Psychiatry
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Alvarez, Francisco J.
Synaptic Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Sensory Fibers
DHHS, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Alvarez-Leefmans, F. Javier
Putnam, Robert W.
Cell Volume Regulation and Maintenance in Neurons
DHHS, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Cool, David R.
Regulation of Vasopressin Neurosecretion: A Study of Intracellular Molecular Sorting Signals
American Heart Association - National

Halm, Dan R.
Active Potassium Transport Across Colonic Epithelium
DHHS, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDKD)

Moore, Dennis C.
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RRTC) on Drugs and Disability
U.S. Department of Education

Moore, Dennis C.
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RRTC) on Drugs and Disability
U.S. Department of Education

Morris, Mariana
Role of Angiotensin AT1a Receptors in the Control of Circadian Blood Pressure Rhythms
American Heart Association - National

Pringle, D. Drew
Support for Research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio
Miami Valley Hospital

Siegal, Harvey A.
Institutional AOD Case Management Project - F01: Residential Corrections
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Siegal, Harvey A.
Community AOD Case Management Project - F02: Community Corrections
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Kay, Jerald
ODMH Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program
Ohio Department of Mental Health

Cauley, Katherine L.
Lead Hazard Reduction Project
Montgomery County Community Development Office

Cauley, Katherine L.
A Healthier Child is a Better Learner
U.S. Department of Education

Cauley, Katherine L.
Montgomery County Child Health Outreach Consortium
Montgomery County Combined Health District

Moore, Dennis C.
Purchase of Manuals
DHHS, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Moore, Dennis C.
Purchase of Manuals
DHHS, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Langley, Albert E.
AHEC Support
Ohio Board of Regents

School of Professional Psychology

Allen, Jeffery B.
Intergovernmental Research Personnel Agreement - Allen
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Miami Valley Hospital

Student Affairs

Able, David
Uniform Commutation Allowance
DoD, Air Force, AFROTC


Kennedy, Sandra D.
Employee Climate Assessment
Morris Bean & Company

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Department of Public Utilities TRUST FORCE and Trust Action Teams Training and Facilitation
City of Hamilton, Ohio

Nisley-Paiotti, Zella L.
Aviation Camp Minority Outreach
Ohio Aerospace Institute

The staff of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs congratulates those receiving external funds, and we encourage those with unfunded proposals to consult with us about resubmission.

Fall 1999 Workshop Preview

As we close the books on this last issue of Research News for the 1998-99 academic year, it is time again to begin scheduling University-wide training opportunities for the fall quarter. The staff of RSP looks forward to offering the following workshops to new (and returning) faculty and staff:

Faculty Orientation Workshop

Designed as an overview of the services offered by RSP, new faculty members are particularly encouraged to attend, but anyone interested in learning more about the office is welcome.

Post-Award Training

Geared to faculty and staff responsible for expenditures processed on 66-ledger (restricted) accounts, the session offers guidance in the area of post-award administration.

Date/Time/Place to be announced.

Funding Opportunities Workshop

Matching research interests with like-minded sponsors is one of the first steps on the road to funding success, and RSP subscribes to several electronic tools to smooth the trip. Learn to use the Community of Science, Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN), and The Grant Advisor Plus in this one-hour hands-on session.

Further details and registration information will be published in the Fall 1999 issue of Research News. Best wishes from the staff of RSP for a restful and relaxing summer!

RSP Staff

William K. Sellers, Ph.D william.sellers@wright.edu

Associate Directors
Eugene Hern, Ph.D eugene.hern@wright.edu
Leon J. Testas leon.testas@wright.edu

Assistant Directors
Ellen Reinsch Friese ellen.friese@wright.edu
Glen Jones glen.jones@wright.edu

Marianne Shreck marianne.shreck@wright.edu

Grants Management Specialist
Jackie A. Frederick jackie.frederick@wright.edu

Secretary for Compliance
Christine Piekkola christine.piekkola@wright.edu

Sponsored Programs Assistants
Cheryl Nickoson cheryl.nickoso@wright.edu
Jan Power rsp@wright.edu
Robyn Simmons robyn.simmons@wright.edu

Undergraduate Assistants
Amee Desai
Karen Papp
Eboni Lewis
Cory Romick
Katie Romick

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