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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Serving the Research Community of Wright State University
Winter 1997 Vol. 28, No. 2

In This Issue

WSU Joins the Ranks of Community of Science

Wright State has joined the Community of Science. Our membership will entitle all those with a WSU e-mail address (i.e., one that ends in wright.edu) to have access to several databases through the Community of Science World Wide Web server:

  • the U.S. Patent Citation Database;
  • Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.;
  • the Commerce Business Daily;
  • the Federal Register; and
  • the Funding Opportunities database.

The links to the Community of Science homepage are made through the University Library's LIBNET homepage.

The Community of Science complements, and to a large extent competes with, the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN), to which the university also subscribes. Thus for the time being WSU researchers will have two services to choose from when they want to search for funding opportunities. The Community of Science's main strength, though, is that it functions as a global registry of scientists, offering the opportunity to be part of a cooperative system of science expertise that spans the world. As a member, we are expected to contribute information about our faculty. Coordination of this faculty profile information function will be done by University Libraries, but the details still have to be worked out. We will keep you posted on developments.

Changing of the Guard

RSP's Director, Dr. William Sellers, has been delegated signature authority for proposals, grants and contracts, effective December 1, 1996. Thus, either he or Associate Provost Joseph F. Thomas, Jr., could be signing proposal documents submitted to external funding agencies. To simplify matters for WSU faculty, RSP requests that all institutional signature blocks on proposal forms be left blank upon submission to our office. Leave it to us to insert the appropriate signatory information on the forms. Thanks for your cooperation!

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