Preliminary Information Regarding (fuller instructions to come later): is the federal government portal for receipt of electronic grant applications. It can also be used to find federal funding opportunities. Use of is being phased in, with different federal agencies requiring different proposals to go through at different times. Typically you will know that an RFP requires submission through because the RFP will so state. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Wright State is already registered as an institution. No additional registration by PI's or business managers is necessary.


For the time being, hard copies of the proposal must still be routed through RSP with the yellow routing form.  We are actively looking into purchasing a workflow solution that will electronically interface with but this will take some time to implement. is simply a post office box; it is not the final destination of your proposal. It also screens proposals for certain kinds of errors. If it finds critical errors, will reject the proposal and it will have to be resubmitted. Note that the proposal has not yet arrived at the federal agency! Thus if the proposal was sent to at the last minute and is rejected, you will have missed the deadline for getting it in in time to meet the federal agency deadline. Accordingly, it is critical that RSP receives the final proposal 5 days prior to the submission deadline.


If the files you are sending to RSP are larger than 25 MB in total, you may find that they are too big to attach to an e-mail. In this case you have two choices: (1) copy them to a flash drive or CD-ROM and have them delivered to RSP, or (2) upload the files to a special FTP site that has been set aside for this purpose. In order to access the FTP site, you must use an FTP client such as Hummingbird. The server name is and the user name is rsp . You must also check 'Secure Shell' before opening the connection. Contact RSP for the password. Let RSP know that the file has been uploaded so that we can then download it and delete it from the server.


RSP must submit the finished file proposal package to—it cannot be submitted by the investigator.


The application is a package of forms that have to be completed. It is NOT web based.


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1. Use Internet Explorer.

2. You need to enable cookie support and pop-ups.

3. When naming files, don’t use space, hyphens, special characters in the file names but do add version numbers for all drafts of documents generated prior to the final version.

4. Be sure to read both the agency solicitation AND the instructions. We have seen numerous mismatches between the two.

5. requires documents to be converted prior to submission using what is called a PureEdge viewer. PureEdge is only a program, not a website. You need to install the program on your hard drive BEFORE you begin entering info into the PureEdge viewer. Click here for download instructions.

6. Complete the 424 or 424 R&R first. It populates other forms.

7. The file doesn’t automatically save. You have to click on SAVE to save the data entered.

8. Notify RSP as soon as you know the proposal is going through


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