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Retirees Association

WSU Retirees: Get involved in the WSU International Friendship Program

WSURA members meet with international students

Are you interested in or have you ever thought about about forming a friendship with an international researcher, professor or graduate student?

The WSU Retirees Association Board has a great opportunity for you!  

Get involved in the WSU International Friendship Program.

See detail below and contact me Ruth Schumacher at or (937) 672-3368 for questions or to express interest.


  • Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 3-4pm
  • First floor Student Union: University Center for International Education (Student Union 186E)
  • Orientation to include on line application in real time for WSURA members who want to become international partners, beginning Fall semester 2018, or earlier if desired.  (Alternate 20 minute private orientations can be arranged at the convenience of WSURA members)
  • If you are not sure you want to become involved but do want to learn about the program, no problem. Join us!  If you want to get involved, but would like to partner with an experienced WSURA member, no problem. WSURA will arrange it.  Join us!
  • Bring your lap top or other electronic device if you can; if not, WSU’s International Office will provide computers for those who wish to complete a brief partner application on the 11th.
  • REGISTER for the Orientation by April 2nd noon by sending an email to me at saying you will be coming on the 11th!

Becoming an International WSURA Partner

  • WSURA partners get together with their matched international/s once per semester or once per month.  You select one or the other. Activities can include sharing a meal together, shopping, attending a function or event, enjoying an outing, sharing an interest or hobby, etc. etc. The International Office will also provide a listing of free international events on campus early in each semester.
  • WSURA partners do NOT house internationals.
  • WSURA partners are not responsible for assistance with academics or ongoing transport.
  • The idea is to incorporate an international into the typical life of a WSURA member.

Q and A

  • Can I make up my mind after 11th? YES
  • Can I partner with more than one international? YES
  • Can I partner with another WSURA member?  YES
  • Will I have fun?  Learn?  Make new friends? YES
  • Can I bring a WSURA friend to Orientation?  YES
  • Do I need to have young people or children at home to become a partner? NO
  • Should I contact Ruth Schumacher with questions, concerns, etc. YES