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Raisders vs IUPUI

Jan 21, 2022

Grant Basile almost reached his season average in the first half, tallying 17 of his 20 points, as the Raiders improved to 10-8 overall.

Shari Mickey-Boggs

Jan 20, 2022

Shari Mickey-Boggs, currently chief HR officer at Wright State, will begin her new role on March 1.

Dawn Wooley

Jan 20, 2022

Dawn Wooley, professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology, says that there is a scientific reason behind the change.

AJ Braun

Jan 20, 2022

“We’ve had a lot going on with our team, but we’re a brotherhood. That’s what we always say: Brotherhood over basketball,” Grant Basile said.

Thomas Traynor

Jan 17, 2022

"GDP and employment will rise slower as waves of Covid-19 wash over the country and faster as those waves subside," says Tom Traynor, dean of the College of Business.

Grant Basile Dunks

Jan 16, 2022

“We had enough offense. But our defense isn’t good enough right now to win a championship. It just isn’t.”

Vaccination station

Jan 15, 2022

The university said that the OSHA emergency temporary standard, which was included in the Supreme Court case, did not apply to WSU.

Tim Finke vs Robert Morris

Jan 15, 2022

The Raiders overcame a four-point deficit with just under three minutes left to register one of their most satisfying wins of the season.

Guardian Photo od campus by Soham Parikh

Jan 12, 2022

“I am very concerned about the spread of Omicron on our campus this coming semester," said Bruce LaForse, associate professor of classics.

Coach Nagy on sideline

Jan 11, 2022

They’ve won six wins in a row to improve to 8-7 overall and 5-1 in the Horizon League.