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Possibility of cutting golf team brings unhappy response from a golfer's father

Chris Schoonmaker says cutting golf is like throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary

In an Wednesday evening, (March 29) online Dayton Daily News report, the father of a golfer reacts to Interim President Curtis McCray’s comment that the golf program could be a budget cutting casualty.

Chris Schoonmaker, a Springboro resident whose son is a freshman on the Wright State golf team, was quoted saying the golfers were “completely floored.”  He also said the following:

  • “This guy [McCray] has clearly been brought in to be the henchman so the new president can start out with a clean record, which makes sense, I get it,” Schoonmaker said. “But if you’re trying to save money to the tune of $25 million, that’s like throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary.”
  • “Instead the kids get blindsided by a story in the paper,” Schoonmaker said. “To have someone hip-shoot and throw statements out there like this, it just takes the kids and like drops them off the side of a building. What this guy doesn’t realize is you’re not just dealing with a budget cut, you’re dealing with the lives and hopes and dreams of some young people.
  • “I’m pretty sure that’s not the way Wright State University wants to be viewed in terms of the way they treat their students,” he added. “It’s unprofessional, hurtful, thoughtless, insensitive. It’s just a real bad move.”
  • “Now the kids have to try to go out play with blinders on while wondering if they’re going to be playing for anybody next year,” Schoonmaker said.