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Jun 14, 2018

Wright State will host daily dance workshops during Dayton Historic Dance Week.

Jun 12, 2018

Sundaram Narayanan has been on paid leave for more than three years during a federal investigation of possible violation of immigration laws

Jun 11, 2018

Trustees approved a budget that projects around a $10-million decline in revenue

Jun 8, 2018

Wright State is expected to add around $7.2 million to its reserves, which could keep it off fiscal watch.

Jun 6, 2018

Richard Williams, STRS representative to the Ohio Council of Higher Education Retirees (OCHER), reports on the May meeting

Jun 6, 2018

Peggy Bott, WSURA’s OPERS representative to the Ohio Council of Higher Education Retirees (OCHER), describes a group effort to save the COLA.

Jun 5, 2018

If Wright State is able to reach its June 30 goal then the university may be able to avoid being placed on state fiscal watch.

Jun 1, 2018

Surgeon Joon Shim will discuss bariatric surgery and the efficacy of the surgical treatment of obesity.

Jun 1, 2018

This marks the first time in school history that both the basketball team and baseball team have qualified for the NCAA tournament in the same season.

May 30, 2018

After sitting out his first year at WSU with a stress fracture in his back, Ryan spent the past two seasons becoming the Raiders’ top pitcher.