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About Registration

The registration process at Wright State University involves planning your class schedule with your academic advisor, registering for classes (online via WINGS Express), adjusting your class schedule if needed within the published drop/add deadlines, and paying your bursar bill.

Register Online

You can also register by emailing or faxing a Registration Activity Form (PDF) and copy of a photo ID to:

You can make changes to your schedule (drop/adds) or completely withdraw from all of your classes in the same manner. Specific dates and deadlines for registration, dropping classes and getting a tuition refund can be found in the academic calendar.

Before Registering

Your campus computer account information and Wright State email account will be mailed to you. Most students are eligible to register for classes online. Check your email account regularly as this is the way that Wright State will send official communications to you.

  • Review WINGS Express support information on the CaTS website for step by step instructions on how to log in to your account, look up classes, register, accept your financial aid award, and pay fees online.
  • Log into your WINGS Express account to:
    • Find your specific registration date.
    • See if you have any holds on your account which will block registration.
    • Opt out of health insurance if you do not want to purchase it.
    • Run your degree audit report to see what classes you need to take for your degree program. This will also show how any transfer work has been applied. 
    • Review the schedule of classes (Online Class Schedule).
    • Make note of any prerequisites or course restrictions on the classes you want to take. 
  • Plan your schedule using the Planning Grids
  • Meet with your academic advisor. 


Some students will need advisor approval to register. Take a copy of your degree audit report and your proposed schedule with you to your advising appointment. Even if you do not need approval to register, it is a good idea to meet with your advisor periodically.

If you are required to have advisor approval, be sure to obtain this approval before you register, either online or in person. In the following cases, your advisor's approval is required before you register or add classes.

  • You are on probation.
  • You are a first quarter or returning student in the University College and on directed advising.
  • You are majoring in music, theatre, or pre-engineering.
  • You are a student in P.R.E. or I.E.C.S. degrees in College of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • You are a freshman level student in the Raj Soin College of Business.
  • You are a freshman level student in a Pre-Teacher program in the College of Health, Education, and Human Services.
  • You are a first semester student in the M.B.A. program.
  • You are a graduate student in any of the following programs:
    • Biological Sciences M.S.
    • Microbiology and Immunology M.S.
    • Physiology and Biophysics M.S.
    • Management Information Systems M.I.S.
    • Supply Chain Management M.S.

If you do not fall into any of these categories, you do not need advisor approval before registration.

You will not be able to register through WINGS Express (within WINGS) for more than 20 credit hours if you are an undergraduate, or more than 18 credit hours if you are a graduate student. In these cases you must come to RaiderConnect, located in the Student Union, with the written permission of your dean.

When to Register

All students are expected to complete the registration process, including schedule changes, by the end of the Open Registration Period when online registration closes. Specific dates for each term are published in the academic calendar.

Registration dates are based on student level and credit hours completed (see Registration Groups)

Open Registration

  • Begins the day after the early registration period ends and extends through the course term Census Date. Late Registration fees may apply.
  • If you decide not to attend the classes, you must officially withdraw before the term begins to avoid financial penalty. Specific tuition refund deadlines for each term are published in the academic calendar. Some lab and special fees are not refundable after the term begins. 
  • Registrations and schedule adjustments should be completed by the end of the Open Registration Period.
  • Online registration will not be available after the Open Registration Period has ended. 

Late Registration

Can I register late?

It may be possible to register after the Open Registration Period has ended, but you will need to have the instructor’s permission and any other approvals that may be required (e.g., advisor, departmental, UCIE).

  • Speak with the instructor to see if it is possible for you to join the class late and to see if you can make arrangements to complete any work that you have missed.
  • Obtain the instructor’s permission in addition to any other required approvals, such as advisor approval or departmental approval. The approvals can be entered either online or on the registration form.
  • After you have obtained all required approvals you must Register in person at RaiderConnect using the Registration Activity Form (PDF). Note that Instructor Permission expires very quickly. Enroll as soon as possible after receiving instructor permission to add a class late.

Late Registration Fee Policy

  • A flat, late registration fee of $100 will be assessed beginning the first day of the term for continuing students who have not yet registered for the term. 
  • Prior to Fall 2021, a $100 per-credit hour late registration fee applied to registrations that took place after the course census date. 

Students should consult the Academic Calendar or RaiderConnect for the course census date.

NOTE: Students may register for flexibly scheduled classes/workshops anytime prior to the start of the class/workshop without a late registration/add fee or instructor permission unless the class is closed.

Students who incur a late registration fee due to extenuating circumstances may submit a refund petition requesting that the late fee be removed under one of the following conditions:

  • Documented university error
  • Extraordinary extenuating circumstances documented by the student, which prevented registration by the first day of the term.

The Refund Petition is available on our website. The late registration/add fee petition committee meets monthly.

Registration Resources

Auditing a Course

  • The fee per credit hour for auditing a course is the same as for credit courses.
  • Consult the Academic Calendar for the Last day to change audit status.
  • Registration Activity Form (PDF) is required
  • Instructor must sign form or provide online permission to Audit or change Audit Status
  • Submit form and ID to RaiderConnect

Undergraduate Students

If class space permits, a student may audit a course, with written approval from the instructor before enrolling. The amount of participation required of auditing students is left to the discretion of the instructor, but it cannot exceed that required of a regular student. The student may not use audited courses to establish full-time status, and the student may not change his or her registration from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the fifth business day of a regular 14 week semester or day two of a short term.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may audit courses with the approval of the course instructor. All audits must be clearly indicated on the registration form. Changes from audit to credit or credit to audit cannot be made after the fifth business day of a regular 14 week semester or day two of a short term. Graduate assistants (GTAs, GAs, GRAs) and Graduate Scholars may not include audited courses as part of the eight quarter hour or six semester hour graduate credit minimum course load. Tuition remissions are not granted for audited courses.


  • Register for classes in WINGS Express and if a class is closed, check to see if a waitlist is offered and has waitlist seats available
  • Add yourself to the waitlist
    • Remember that the restrictions and/or holds will stop you from registering on a waitlist
  • Check your university email daily for a waitlist notification and take action within 24-hours or before waitlisting ends for the term
  • Register for the waitlisted class upon notification
    • If you have already registered for another section of the same class, be sure to drop the unwanted section first
  • If you no longer want to be on a waitlist, drop the class so that others may move up on the list
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