Wright State's Zimride Social Network for Ridesharing

Wright State Zimride is a new, fun and easy way to coordinate your daily commute with friends, classmates and colleagues or to share rides out of town. Zimride is our private network that makes it easy to share the empty seats in your car or catch a ride with other Wright State faculty, staff, and students.

Zimride uses Facebook integration to make it easy for you to find a friend or fellow Wright State classmate or colleague and carpool.

It is simple. Have a car? Add your ride offer and split the costs, especially gas, by driving with friends, fellow students or colleagues. Need a ride? Add your request, find a ride, and get where you want to go. Just register for a free account and post where you are coming from and when. 

Wright State Zimride will help you find others making similar trips.

Many people have flexible schedules.  With Zimride, you can even find someone for occasional carpool. Add your ride today and start saving. 

Join other Wright State students and colleagues in making a more sustainable, social and fun form of transportation for our community by helping build the Wright State Zimride community.

Miami Valley Rideshare

A free ridesharing service is provided by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

If you are interested in sharing a ride or have questions, visit the Miami Valley Rideshare website or call Rideshare at (937) 223-SAVE (7283) or 1-800-743-SAVE (7283).