Your Wright Way To Go Global: January 2017

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La Jefa Updates-Michelle Streeter-Ferrari 

This month marks a new year and a rapidly changing national climate. We want to continue to make Wright State and Dayton a welcoming environment for everyone. Our commitment to international education and inclusion remain stronger than ever. I wanted to give you all a brief update on our efforts to respond to the Executive Order (EO) signed on January 29th.
UCIE's focus has been on understanding students who may be impacted and helping them through this difficult time.  We have students from several of the 7 countries listed on the EO.  UCIE first communicated to impacted students on Thursday when we heard that this EO was being worked on. This past weekend, we updated the UCIE website to include a page of resources for international students:
UCIE has sent a message to all international students expressing our concerns for travel during the Spring/Summer semesters. Although this EO does not impact all international students, we understand that there is confusion at the Port of Entry and there is an added risk in the near future for students wishing to return.
All students from affected countries were invited to a lunch gathering on Tuesday afternoon where volunteers and staff were available to hear their concerns and help support them.
Finally, UCIE has been managing an enormous amount of media requests from Dayton Daily News, WHIO, WDTN, and WYSO.  Here are some of the links to stories below:
We are all tremendously dedicated to our students who make tremendous sacrifices to come to the US.  This EO puts additional stress and fear into the lives of all our international students.  Please remind them that we value them, they are an important part of our community and they ARE welcome here at Wright State University. Make sure you listen and give them extra attention.
International awareness remains an important part of our mission.  Join us at our Study Abroad Fair on February 15th!  Our theme is Passport to Paradise and will highlight our summer programs and available scholarships for students. Our programs range from 2 weeks to semester and year long. Be sure to visit the event and enjoy this nostalgic summer event from 11am to 1pm in the Student Union Atrium.
Also mark your calendars for the Wright State International Festival.  This year it will take place on April 15th from 1-5pm at the Wright State University Nutter Center.  Our theme is "Cities Around the World."  Contact UCIE at to find out how to volunteer and support our festival.  The event is family-friendly and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the great diversity of our 1,300 international student body!

Upcoming February Events

International Student Highlight: Mohammed Ali Al Zaindeen

Please introduce yourself: 
My name is Mohammed Ali Al Zaindeen and I am from Saihat, Saudi Arabia. I came to the United States on a scholarship to study medicine. I began my studies at the University of Dayton pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2013, I transferred to Wright State University and switched majors to Biomedical Engineering because I wanted an engineering experience that was more closely related to medicine.
Current Employment Position:
For a brief period after graduation, I worked as a Quality Engineering intern at NuVasive in Fairborn, OH. I then joined a two-year accelerated engineering leadership program (GETP) at GE Healthcare.
What resources and/or experiences at WSU did you utilize that helped you in obtaining this position?
Career Services, the School of Engineering’s professors/advisors, and the University Center for International Education were all fantastic resources that helped me find and acquire a career after graduation.
The two main WSU experiences that I believe strongly contributed to my pursuit of and acceptance into this leadership program were: joining the UCIE team as a part-time International Student Immigration Check-in Coordinator, my senior design group project (Low Cost Xray Image Receptor) which was implemented in Malawi, Africa under the leadership of Thomas Hangartner (Professor Emeritus and former BIE chair), and the support of the UCIE and the School of Medicine.

Best buddies Emma Peterson and Paige Bokman are enjoying their time together this spring semester in Lyon France through Wright State’s USAC program. Paige is an international studies major with a minor in nonprofit administration and Emma is majoring in both international studies and Spanish while also minoring in French. These students were best friends and roommates at Wright State and decided to go abroad to expand their horizons and perfect their second language skills. We cannot wait to hear all of their fun stories when they return!

Highlighting January Collaborations: Mock Job Interviews with the Career Center 

On Friday, January 20th, the UCIE collaborated with the Career Center to help international students improve their interviewing skills through 5 minute mock job interviews. For many students, experiencing an interview in the USA is very different from their home country; therefore, having the experience of a mock interview makes a world of difference. The Career Center provided 3 of their career advisors to give 5 minute mock job interviews to international students, critiquing them and teaching students how they can improve their answers, resume, and even professional dress. We are so thankful for the Career Center for helping us have an incredibly successful event in order to prepare international students for the career world. The Career Center is always willing to help our international student community.

Some other January collaborations included:

January 3 & 4th-Spring 2017 International Orientation-Raider Connect, Student Health Services, Student Legal Services, Community Standards and Student Conduct, University Police, Student Activities, Graduate Schoo, and Resident Life and Housing. 

January 3rd-New International Student Resource Fair-5th 3rd Bank, Welcome Dayton, Chase Bank, RTA, Province Apartments, Miami Valley Women's Center, Admissions (Campus Tours), University Libraries, Student Support Services, Campus Recreation, Counseling and Wellness Services, International Women Organization, African Student Union, Chinese Student and Scholar Association, International Cultural Exchange, Club of Canvas and Art, Student Government, Chi Alpha, University Activity Board, and International Friendships Inc. 

January 22nd-SGA Highlights International Student Groups at WSU Basketball Game-Student Government Association

January 27th-Chinese New Year Celebration-Chinese Student and Scholar Association

January 28th-Ski Trip to Perfect North Slopes-International Friendhips. Inc.

Host Family Highlight:The Browns

The Browns are yet another exceptional family in our host family program. "One of the things that attracted us to the program was allowing our kids to have the opprotunity to be exposed to students of other cultures. And then when I learned that many international students do not get the chance to experience an American family's home, I saw this as a great opportunity to not only benefit our family, but also benefit an international student," said Alicia Brown.

The Browns are an Air Force Family in the area. Her husband is on active duty and Alicia is a homeschool mom and English grammer tutor. 

"The program has given my kids exposure to someone of a different culture that is not American. Part of that allows them to have a sensitivity for others though this relationship," continued Alicia.

She spoke of great experiences such as her host student, knowing that her children love legos, bringing them a lego of a building found in Saudi Arabia. The host student was also able to attend the Nutcracker and support Alicia's children who played a role in the production. Her host student also enjoys art like her children which has allowed for an even greater connection.

"The investment of a relationship like this is one of the best ways we can spend our time. We live in a culture that gives us many options and ways we can use our time. But one of the most valuable ways is to build relationships. What a wonderful way to build a relationship with someone who has a different experience than you. And your experience with them helps shape their view of America. To me, that is worth rearrange my time and schedule to put people over things," said Alicia. 

This is the Browns second semester being a part of the UCIE's Host Family Program. We are so thankful for them for all that they do to help provide a welcoming environment for our international students.