Wright State University strives to create a robust health benefits package that attracts and retains highly qualified and productive employees.

Wright State works to maximize the benefits provided to our employees while minimizing the cost.

Vision coverage is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP). This coverage provides benefits for covered services from any optometrist or ophthalmologist. However, benefits are greater with lower out-of-pocket costs for services provided by a VSP network provider.

Who is Eligible?

Bargaining-Unit Faculty
Members who elect medical coverage are automatically enrolled for vision coverage with the same eligible dependents as medical coverage without an additional employee contribution. There is no option to enroll for only vision coverage for Bargaining-Unit Faculty members.

Non-Bargaining-Unit Faculty members, Classified and Unclassified Staff
Members who elect medical coverage are not automatically enrolled for vision coverage. Employees may elect coverage for themself only or themselves and dependents with an additional employee contribution.

Download: Vision Plan Benefit Summary (PDF)



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