Course Descriptions

Students may select a variety of honors courses. Courses are available through departments or through the University Honors Programs. Course descriptions for the Fall 2019 University Honors (UH) classes as well as a list of Departmental Honors Courses are posted here. Refer to WINGS Express via the WINGS portal for a complete listing of all Honors courses, including days, times, and locations.

Fall 2019 University Honors Courses

UH 1010 - All Sections

All sections of UH 1010 are reserved for new first-year students entering the university Fall 2019. Sections include: Literature & Rock ‘n’ Roll, World Languages & Culture, Beginning in Business, Engineered for Success, and Pre-Health.

UH 2010-01 (CRN 74608) Travel Literature (Rubin)

This is a course about travel and a course about literature: the literature that people write inspired by their travels. In this course, we will define travel literature, examine its origins and history, and analyze and interpret the writings of travelers. We will become travel writers ourselves, composing a piece of travel literature based on our own previous travels. This course is a seminar, which means that active participation in class discussions is absolutely required and expected.

UH 2010-02 (CRN 83893) Introduction to Parks and Recreation and the Notion of Play in Contemporary Culture (R. Leonard)

This introductory course is a cultural examination of contemporary leisure activities. The course will first explore the historical, philosophical and standard practices in parks and recreation services today. With the historical groundwork laid, the course will explore the cultural definitions of "play" and the role that community members have in successful parks and recreation programming. The course will culminate with an analysis of public, private and non-profit agencies engaged in leisure services and the impact they have on contemporary culture

UH 2020-90 (CRN 74611) Decision Making (Morrisette)

Decision making is an integral part of our daily lives, ranging from the relatively simple--shall I have Coke or coffee?--to the complex and seemingly insoluble--how can we reduce the rate of violent crime in the U.S.? Regardless of one's area of interest or expertise, difficult decisions must be made. This course provides an introduction to the concepts of decision theory, systems analysis, and rational analytic techniques of decision making, as well as an exploration of non-rational theory and processes. Students will analyze the process and the assumptions that underlie the process from several viewpoints and disciplines: rationality, incrementalism, analytical reasoning, and complexity and chaos. (UH 2020 satisfies the Social Science Element in the Core curriculum.)

UH2020-91 (CRN 86086) Health and Disease (Rodgers)

This course will explore disease and its historical effect upon religion, exploration, politics, war, the economy, and other social and cultural aspects of our world. We will also look at modern disease and its effect upon these social and cultural matters, and in turn how these same social and cultural aspects affect the course of disease and human health.

UH 4000-02 (CRN 74613) Animal Rights in America (Paul Leonard)

This course will explore what many people believe is the premier civil rights issue of the 21st century. Animal rights and/or animal welfare issues is a movement in America that is impacting the law, politics, and ethics of interaction between "human animals" and animal life.

UH 4000-03 (CRN 74612) Surrealism (Huebner)

This course examines Surrealism in its historical context, emphasizing the international and interdisciplinary nature of the movement. We will begin with Surrealism’s roots in Romanticism, Symbolism, and Dada, then consider the formation of Surrealist groups in Paris and elsewhere, Surrealist thinking on politics and gender, changes in the movement’s emphases over time, and its influence on subsequent literary and artistic practice. 

Fall 2019 Departmental Honors Courses

BIO 1050L Biology of Food Lab
BIO 1120L Cells and Genes Lab
BIO 1190 Biology Recitation

Computer Science
CS 1030 Survey of CS and CEG
CS 1180 Computer Science I
CSC 1080L Computer Science I Lab

ED 2100 Education in a Democracy

EGR 1010L Intro Math Egr Applics Lab
EGR 1010 Intro Math Egr Applics Rec

ENG 2100 Res Writing and Argument

HST 1100 West. Civ. To 1500
HST 1200 West & World Since 1500

Modern Languages
ML 2020 Chinese Culture in Film

MUS 2140 Music in Western Culture
MUS 2420 Comp NW Culture: Music

Organizational Leadership
OL 4990 OL Honors Project

PHY 2400 General Physics I
PHY 2400L General Physics I Lab
PHY 2400R General Physics I Rec
PHY 2410 General Physics II 
PHY 2410L General Physics II Lab
PHY 2410R General Physics II Rec

PSY 1010 Intro to Psychology
PSY 1010L Intro to Psychology Lab

SOC 2000 Intro to Sociology

TH 3990 Special Projects
TH 3990 Acting Honors Thesis Project

Women, Gender, and Sexuality
WGS 2000 Intro Women and Gender