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Monday, April 7, 2014 Academic Integrity Hearing Panel 2013-14 Report
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Composition: Composed of two faculty members, one of whom is designated as the chair, and one student.

How Appointed: The University Faculty Senate president and director will collaborate to recommend a chair, two at-large members, and one alternate member to the Faculty Executive Committee for approval by the Faculty Senate. The director or designee will appoint two student representatives and one alternate member.

Jurisdiction: Adjudicates cases of academic dishonesty when a student wishes to dispute the allegation of academic misconduct by a professor. This panel also determines if additional sanctions are necessary for repeated violations of academic misconduct.

Term of Service: The chair will serve for a term of two academic years. All other panel members will serve a term of one academic year. (Appointment for additional years of service is permitted)

Authority: May assign any sanction provided for in the code.


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