"High Hazard" Chemical Waste

As many chemicals age they can change in ways that make them sensitive to heat, shock, light, etc. These aged chemicals can pose a potential fire/explosion risk if mismanaged. During our recent efforts to clean out labs in Oelman Hall in preparation for construction activities, over ten high hazard chemicals were discovered. These chemicals require special handling, at additional costs, prior to shipment for proper disposal.  

The overall goal of EHS is to get rid of these hazardous chemicals before they age and keep track of the new chemicals that are ordered by the WSU community. By doing this, EHS will be able to dispose of these chemicals before they become a “high hazard” item and at costs within the budget allocated for chemical waste disposal.  Continued discovery of high hazard chemicals may, as it has in the past, result in the need for departments to provide additional funding for disposal.

EHS asks the WSU community to look at the “high hazard” items list and call (937) 775-3788 or (937) 775-2215 for an evaluation of these chemicals if they are present in your lab. Your participation in this matter will help EHS protect you and your staff, our staff, and the WSU community as a whole and prevent the unnecessary expenditure of university funds. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Bill Palmer, at (937) 775-3788 or (937) 775-2215.