Several students sitting at a table talking

The university offers courses designed to meet disability-related needs and cover topics such as adjustment to college life and study and organizational strategies. All of the following courses earn graduation credit.

  • UVC 1010: First-Year Seminar (Fall semester)
    ODS offers several sections of this course each Fall. This course is designed for new students registered with ODS to address disability-related concerns as they transition from high school to college.
  • ED 1020: Managing your Personal Assistance (Fall semester)
    Taught by Jean Denney, this course is intended for students with physical disabilities who will be employing personal assistants. Topics covered include how to recruit, interview, hire, schedule, manage, and (if necessary) fire personal assistants.
  • ED 1030: Developing Peer Mentors with Disabilities (Fall semester)
    Taught by Jean Denney, this course pairs new students with more experienced ones to assist them in the transition to college life, build connections, and find the resources they need to succeed.
  • ED 1040: Strategies for Success for Students with Disabilities (Fall semester)
  • BME 1550: Adaptive Computer Technology (Spring semester)

Register for these courses through your WINGS Express registration, as you would for any other course. If you have any questions about ODS classes, please contact the Office of Disability Services. If you have questions about registration, please contact your academic advisor or the Registrar.