Using LockDown Browser for secure online Quizzes, Exams and Assessments


LockDown Browser from Respondus is a specialized web browser that allows instructors to require students to use it to access and take online quizzes, exams and other assessments in Pilot.  When students use the LockDown browser, it makes the quiz or exam full-screen and disables printing, screen capture, right mouse clicks, searching the web and access to anything else on the student’s computer until the quiz/exam/assessment is submitted which greatly reduces the opportunity for or likeliness of cheating.

Wright State has a campus license for Respondus including the Respondus LockDown Browser which has both Mac and Windows versions. Setup on the faculty end is simple; just click on the Assessment Menu in Pilot and choose Quizzes & Exams, then choose the quiz/exam and click on the Restrictions Tab


and then under the Security Option section, check the Respondus Lockdown Browser Required to take this Quiz checkbox.


Students will need to download, install and log into Pilot with the LockDown browser so they can access and take the quiz/exam/assessment. If they attempt to access the quiz or exam with any other web browser, the begin quiz button is not shown and students are prompted to use the LockDown browser and are provided a link to download it (if they don’t already have it installed.)


When the student launches the LockDown browser, it will take them directly to Pilot.

To see a 5 minute demo of the LockDown Browser it in action, visit


  1. Make sure your students are aware that they need to use the LockDown browser before they go to take their quizzes/exams for your class.
  2. Make it easy for students to already have the LockDown browser installed before your first quiz or exam by including a link to the download page in your Content/Resources for your course; the Link/URL to download the Wright State specific LockDown Browser is:
  3. You may wish to create a simple quiz so they can experience the LockDown Browser’s features before an exam. You can even choose not to include this practice online quiz in the student’s grades if you wish by choosing exclude from final grade calculation under Manage Grades for that quiz.