Wright State University - Shipping and Receiving

UPS Direct Delivery

UPS delivers packages directly to the following locations within the University:
Room No. Building Department/Center
225 Millett Hall Center for Urban & Public Affairs (CUPA), Geography
031 Allyn Hall Central Receiving Dock
054 Allyn Hall Physical Plant (Receiving)
106 Allyn Hall Communications & Marketing - Public Affairs
108 Allyn Hall Alumni, Development
116 Allyn Hall Education Resource Center
154 Millett Hall Asian/Hispanic Cultural Center, Retiree's Association
436 Millett Hall Affirmative Action
325 Millett Hall Political Science, Modern Languages
425 Millett Hall Department of Communications
370 Millett Hall Department of History/Department of Classic Religion, Philosophy
270 Millett Hall Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology
163 Millett Hall Liberal Arts Deans Office
470 Millett Hall Department of English
310 Allyn Hall Teacher Education, Department of CEHS, CEHS Student Services
448 Allyn Hall Education, Dean's Office, DPPR< Ed. Leadership
  Allyn Hall The Hangar
054 Biological Sciences Community Health
235A Biological Sciences Biological Sciences
    234 Biological Sciences - SOM Bio Chem/Molecular Biology
   235C Biological Sciences - SOM Anatomy - SOM
   158/160 Biological Sciences - SOM Physiology and Bio-Physics
    245 Biological Sciences - SOM Biomedical Sciences PhD
064 Brehm Lab Institute for Environmental Quality
077 Brehm Lab Electronics Shop
175 Brehm Lab Tiernan Operation
260 Brehm Lab Geological Sciences
- Campus Ministry Campus Ministry
153 Campus Services Physical Plant (Grounds Maintenance)
- If no one present deliver to 054 Allyn Hall
126 Campus Services Printing Services
      118    Campus Services Public Safety
- College Park Community Office
A226 Creative Arts Center Art Gallery
M153 Creative Arts Center Music- CMD, ENS, Camps, etc.
T148 Creative Arts Center Theatre Arts
M052 Creative Arts Center Human Services
138 Fawcett Hall Faculty President Office
328 Fawcett Hall Army ROTC
248 Fawcett Hall Physics
335 Fawcett Hall Psychology
1240 Forest Lane Community Center
  Fred A. White Center Pharmacy
    118 Fred A. White Center Student Health
    183 Fred A White Center IDTL
      220 Fred A. White Center Center for Psychological Services

Millett Hall

Air Force ROTC
  Hamilton Hall Residence Services
110 Health Sciences SOPP Admissions/Alumni Affairs
117 Health Sciences School of Professional Psychology
217 Health Sciences Pharmacology & Toxicology
130 Library Annex Computer Services CaTS
015 Library  Telecommunications CaTS
031 Library Writing Center
120 Library Dunbar Library
      023       Library Center for Teaching & Learning, Television Center, Media
120 Math & Microbiology Mathematics & Statistics
130 Math & Microbiology Statistical Consulting Center
002 Math & Microbiology Microbiology & Immunology
     115 Medical Sciences Admin Office
     125 Medical Sciences Fordham H.S. Library
     210 Medical Sciences Deans Office016
     016 Medical Sciences Courier Services
  Mini University Child Development Center
Lot #20 Motor Pool Transportation - Vehicle Maintenance Building
  New Scene Shop For Theatre Arts 
(Next to Carpenter Shop)
430 Nutter Center Nutter Administration
316 Nutter Center HPR
118 Nutter Center Athletics
417 Nutter Center Bombers
043 Oelman Hall Lab Stores
134 Oelman Hall Science & Mathematics
229 Oelman Hall Chemistry
6 Palms Residence Services
148 Millett Hall Women's Center
110/120 Rike Hall School of Business (COBA)
240 Rike Hall Department of Accountancy (COBA)
244 Rike Hall Department of Finance & Financial Services (COBA)
248 Rike Hall Department of Economics (COBA)
266 Rike Hall Department of Marketing (COBA)
270 Rike Hall Department of Management (COBA)
271 Rike Hall Department of Management Science and Information Systems
145 Health Sciences Environmental Health
  Rockafield House  President's Home
020 Russ Engineering Machine Shop
207 Russ Engineering Biomedical/Human Factors Engineering
209 Russ Engineering Mechanical & Materials
303 Russ Engineering Computer Sciences
311 Russ Engineering Electrical Engineering
405 Russ Engineering Dean's Office
W034 Student Union Student Relations
W006 Student Union Sodexho Dining Services
W036 Student Union Student Life
W015 Student Union Student Legal Services
W016C Student Union WWSU, Guardian
E008 Student Union Wright Copy Center
E009 Student Union Campus Recreation
120 Millett Hall Pre-College Programs
E084 Student Union Wright-Patt Credit Union
140 Millett Hall Bolinga Cultural Resources Center/African American Studies
E132 Student Union Word Processing Center
E136 Student Union Financial Aid
E138 Student Union Parking & Transportation
E140 Student Union Adult & Transfer Services
E148 Student Union Admissions
E146 Student Union I.D. Center and Raider Express
E180 Student Union Conferences and Events
E186 Student Union Disability Services
E190 Student Union University Center for International Education
E234 Student Union Vending/Wright One Card
E236 Student Union Bursar
E244 Student Union Registrar/Veterans Affairs
E182 Student Union Barnes & Noble Bookstore
E005 Student Union Student Union Administration Office
E334 Student Union Career Services
E344 Student Union Graduate Studies
243 Millett Hall Honors Program
160 University Hall Nursing and Health
      180    University Hall University College
      250    University Hall President's Office
      280    University Hall Human Resources / Payroll
       301    University Hall Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Controller, Business Services, University Advancement and Business & Fiscal Affairs
      350    University Hall Facilities Planning, Community Standards and Student Conduct
- General Council/Legal Affairs & VP
Community Standards and Student Conduct
      201    University Hall Graduate Studies, Dean's Office and Research & Sponsored Programs-Budget & Instit. Research

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