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Safe Use of Radiation-Producing DevicesTraining Course

University Radiation Safety Office
104 Health Sciences Bldg ~ Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

The Safe Use of Radiation-Producing Devices course provides general instruction of Wright State University's Radiaton Safety program to new users of radioactive materials. The curriculum covers radioactivity, radiation detection, biological effects of radiation, personal protective measures, user responsibilities, and regulatory requirements. Facility Coordinators and Faculty Users are responsible for machine-specific safe operations training. 


Classroom Format:

The Radiation Safety Officer can offer the Safe Use of Radiation-Producing Devices course for those who would prefer lecture format. Please call the Radiation Safety Officer (775-2169) to schedule an appointment for the 2.5 hour course.


Pilot Format

The Pilot course format allows individuals to complete most of the curriculum using WSU’s intranet. Persons fulfill the course requirement at their own convenience, at their own pace. The course consists of two PowerPoint modules available on Pilot. Quizzes following each module demonstrate completion of the course curriculum. 

Students register for the course by providing their WSU U-number (i.e., U00011111) to Kimberly Morris, Radiation Safety Officer (775-2169, Once registered, the RSO will email the student with instructions on accessing the course. The student should finish the Pilot course within 2 weeks.

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