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Spring Break Finally!

Thank goodness for Spring Break. It is always timed perfectly for when I am just beginning to give up hope. I hope everyone is doing something fun for their break. Not going to Daytona Beach or Miami or whatever you crazy kids do these days *shakes cane at angrily*. No I'm talking about real fun like sleep and....sleep. I really just want to sleep! Anyway, here are some more songs to either put you to sleep or get you in a party mood, I'm not judging *judges silently*.


Mr. Bungle - Pink Cigarette

This is the original project for Faith No More's lead singer Mike Patton. He has one of the widest vocal ranges in existence at 6 octaves. For some perspective, an 88 key piano has 7 octaves. He was also the voice of the Darkness in the video games of the same name...NO YOU LOVE MIKE PATTON!!!

If you like: Estradesphere, Faith no More, Primus


Coheed and Cambria - Mother Superior (Nervous Energies session)

I love Coheed and Cembria. From their unique style of music to the crazy comic books they put out that tie into their music. This is certainly a band that deserves a little more recognition than they receive. This is a live version they recorded (In a shoe store?) of their song "Mother Superior" and, in my opinion, the best version. Plus, that hair man...just look at it...

If you like: The Deer Hunter, sweet live acoustical guitar

Wintergatan - Marble Machine
I an an electrical and computer engineering major here at Wright State. I am also obsessed with music in a mad scientist sort of way. Wintergatan tends to make a great deal of their instruments, and they keep getting better and better. I've built a couple of basic amplifiers and speakers and such here and there but this is a whole new level. I'M NOT JEALOUS YOU'RE JEALOUS!
If you like: Fine tuned melodic engineering insanity and lots and lots of metal balls
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
Electro-swing has been around as a genre for quite awhile now. Caravan Palace I feel has been one of the first bands to truly fine tune and perfect the genre. This song is a great example with a beautifully well done animated video. 
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2CELLOS - Thunderstruck
This is a cover of the song "Thunderstruck" originally by ACDC...with two guys playing cellos... I know, I know what your saying, "You call yourself a Master of Music, a Tyrant of Tunnage, a Negative Nancy and you dare have two guys covering a song as epic as Thunderstruck with nothing but a pair of glorified super violins on your blog!". To that I must quote the master of not giving a crap,
 Image result for yeah well that's your opinion man gif
Also if you're in the need of a does of funny check this out. Warning contains some language and insinuations that a certain assassination may not have gone the way we've been told....
Whitest Kids U' Know: Abe Lincoln