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Career and Academic Advising

Judy Cronenwett

University Writing Center
Recognition Year: 

Nominations submitted by David Bringhurst, Director, Academic Support and Jill Tussing, Program Director for the University Writing Center.

Judy is a Lead Writing Coach in the University Writing Center, an Office Attendant in the Academic Success Centers, and has also served as a Peer Mentor in the First-Year Programs.  

Quoting the Student Employee of the Year nominators:

"I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact that Judy Cronenwett has had on our organization this past year."

"Judy has built and communicated student staff schedules for the front desk, dealt with schedule changes, assigned project-related tasks, documented processes to aid in training new student meetings (under supervision), and helped perform the myriad tasks that ensure that students' needs are met in our Academic Success Centers."  

"She had the ability to provide the more consistent and present leadership at the front desk during critical morning hours, while also possessing the organization and communication skills to help meld what the professional staff and student staff brought to the table.  When we assembled a student leadership team to help us navigate the situation, Judy not only joined the team, she naturally became its leader."

"Judy is the type of person to pay attention to the people and situations around her.  She is someone who reaches out, develops relationships, and creates community."

In Spring 2020, Judy is a senior Theatre Studies and English Major with a concentration in Literature. Judy will be attending the Wright State English Literature graduate program in fall 2020 and plans to be an editor after graduation.

Congratulations Judy!

Special thanks to this year's selection committee:
•    Sue Polanka, MLS, University Librarian
•    Chris Taylor, Ph.D, Director, Community Standards and Student Conduct 
•    David Toller, M.S., Program Manager for Life Coaching 

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated and thanks to all the supervisors for nominating their exceptional student employees.