Academic Support

Peer Success Program

The Peer Success Program matches you with a peer coach for regular (weekly or biweekly) meetings that encourage, give direction, and help you navigate Wright State successfully. Our peer coaches focus on holistic well-being by providing support, problem-solving, and goal-setting tips that assist you in reaching your educational goals. The Peer Success Program seeks to:

  • Increase a sense of belonging with a built-in peer support system
  • Initiate early intervention strategies as early as possible
  • Provide an additional touchpoint via weekly follow up
  • Identify barriers prohibiting student success
  • Allow students to see their peers model excellence
  • Assist in the transition between high school and university life
  • Promote healthy classroom behaviors

If you are interested in joining the Peer Success Program, apply today at this link:
Peer Success Program Application

Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted directly by a member of the Student Retention Team regarding your matched peer coach. For questions, email

Peer Coaches


Dante is an undergraduate student at Wright State University, majoring in Earth & Environmental Sciences. He enjoys being involved in different campus organizations and meeting people with unique backgrounds and cultures.


Katie is a junior at Wright State University, majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Creative Writing. She is also a member of Advocates for Cultural-diversity and Excellence, Wright State's first Asian interest group.


Hi! My name is Lyndsey Ramsaw and I am a Middle Childhood Education Major with Concentrations in Math and Language Arts.