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Math Placement Assessment Preparation, Assessment Day, and Reassessment

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Preparing for the ALEKS Math Assessment 

It may be to your advantage to review for the math placement assessment.

This list of links can help you BEFORE your first ALEKS assessment.

The math placement assessment could cover the following areas:

  • Numerical skills/pre-algebra
  • Beginning algebra/intermediate algebra
  • College algebra
  • Trigonometry

It is your responsibility to read all assessment policies. Before taking your initial ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, you may visit the optional math review sites listed above. Please note: The online review sites above are provided only for convenience. We strongly recommend you complete your initial ALEKS Math Placement Assessment as early as possible, with or without visiting the optional review sites.

Only AFTER your first remote math placement assessment will you gain access to individualized practice modules called Prep and Learning. ALEKS Prep and Learning is the most effective learning tool you can use to improve your overall ALEKS performance or math placement level possibly. After your assessment, you should receive a supplemental handout explaining how to access Prep and Learning. Hands-on work in your personalized ALEKS Prep and Learning modules is required before you may take advantage of any allowable reassessment to re-validate or improve your performance before starting your Math Pathway.

ALEKS Prep and Learning (Retesting Requirement)

After your remote ALEKS assessment, you should receive a printout of your ALEKS score along with a handout called "What does my ALEKS score mean?" Your handout will contain instructions so that you may access your personalized ALEKS Prep and Learning modules.

At Wright State, we have found that if you use your personalized access to ALEKS Prep and Learning in a timely fashion, you are likely to improve your overall placement test performance. In addition, the strategic use of ALEKS Prep and Learning may help you to prepare for courses you plan to take in your next term.

Please note: You cannot access ALEKS Prep and Learning before taking an official proctored test.

You must complete at least three full hours of hands-on ALEKS Prep and Learning between each allowable retest. You will be asked to enter your Wright State campus username (w001abc) and password to get to your test or to your ALEKS Prep & Learning. 

If you do not know your campus username or have trouble logging on, please call the Help Desk at 937-775-4827 (toll-free at 1-888-775-4827).

Finally, if you plan to retest, you must update your registration by logging in to the Admissions Portal. Then click the Math Placement Test link under Next Steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment?

    You must wait 48 hours between placement assessments. There is generally no benefit to re-taking the assessment immediately after completing a prior attempt. Unlike the SAT or ACT, you cannot improve your results by simply re-taking the assessment without spending time in the Prep and Learning Module to refresh material that you may have forgotten or to learn new material.

  • Must I work in my ALEKS Prep and Learning Module between placement assessments?

    Yes. You must do at least 3 hours of Prep and Learning (P&L) in your Testing Services ALEKS cohort (or class) between each allowable re-test. If you do not complete at least 3 full hours of P&L between retests, ALEKS will not permit you to take a re-test until those hours have been recorded.

    Remember: New test-takers do not have access to the ALEKS Prep and Learning modules before the initial ALEKS assessment. You need to take the initial proctored assessment with Testing Services first. Then you may retest to improve your score if you complete 3 full hours of P&L between each allowable retest.