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Core Writing Placement Process: Multiple Measures

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For both incoming and College Credit Plus (CCP) students, the writing placement assessment is facilitated remotely.

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Placement Process

The placement process we use in the University Writing Program guides students to the best course for college-level writing success. We use a multiple measures approach to ensure you are in the best writing class for your needs.

Multiple measures assessment means that we place you according to the highest of your scores from these categories:

  • Your high school GPA as reflected in your admissions record
  • Standardized test scores
  • Wright State University writing placement assessment

If you do not have a high school GPA or test scores, you should take the placement assessment.

If you feel your high school record or standardized test scores do not reflect your writing ability, you are encouraged to take the writing assessment.

Placement Levels

Multiple Measures

Use the highest non-expired score to see which class you should be in.

Wright State Course

  • HS GPA 2.9 or higher
  • ACT English 18 or above
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing 480 or above
  • CCP students only:
    • WritePlacer 5 or above
    • AccuPlacer Next Gen Reading 263 or above
    • NextGen Writing 263 or above

ENG 1100

  • HS GPA 2.35-2.89
  • ACT English 16-17
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing 470-79
  • CCP students only:
    • WritePlacer 4
    • AccuPlacer Next Gen Reading 256-262
    • NextGen Writing 257- 262

ENG 1140

  • HS GPA below 2.35
  • ACT English 15 or below
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing 469 or lower
  • CCP students only:
    • WritePlacer 3
    • AccuPlacer Next Gen Reading 255 or below
    • NextGen Writing 256 or below

DEV 0100+ENG 1100 Corequisite (Accelerated Learning Program Class) Dayton Campus only

DEV 0920 Lake Campus only

Visit the University Writing Program webpage to find out more about our courses.

International Students

If you are from a country where English is an official language and have a HS GPA in your admissions record, please use the Multiple Measures Chart.

If you are from a country where English is not an official language, and you have any of these scores, you will be placed into ENG 1100:

  • TOEFL (T10) 79 or above
  • IELTS (IELT) 6 or above
  • Pearson PTE (PTE) 57 or above
  • Duolingo English Test (DUO) 120 or above
  • Cambridge English Test (CAMB) 169 or above

If you are from a country where English is not an official language and you do not have any of these scores, you will need to take the placement assessment. Writing faculty will place you into either an ENG 1100 ESL section or ENG 1030 class.

    Important Policy Information

    Academic Honesty

    Wright State’s Academic Integrity Standards and Process for Misconduct apply to all students. You will be asked to acknowledge this policy when you begin the assessment. The consequences of misconduct may be serious. When you take the writing assessment you may use the tools that your word processor supplies such as spell check, but do not get help from the Internet, other people, or AIs. Using ChatGPT or other such technology falls under the academic integrity policy. Bear in mind that the writing assessment is not a test—you can’t fail it—but a way of assigning you to the most useful class.

    How long are scores valid?

    Standardized test scores (ACT and SAT) are valid for two years.

    Readmitted students with expired scores should take the Wright State Writing Placement Assessment unless their prior placement was at ENG 1100 level.

    Wright State writing assessment is valid for two years

    College Credit Plus students who were assessed at least 12 months prior (1 full year) should contact testing_services@wright.edu to see if updated transcripts or additional documentation meets eligibility requirements for renewed assessment access.

    Transfer Students

    Students may fulfill the Wright State Core writing requirement with previous college composition credit of a grade C or higher or posted AP credit for ENG 1100. If students have such credit, they need not take the writing placement assessment.

    Transfer students who do not have transfer credit for an equivalent Wright State English course should determine placement by the highest of the following criteria: HS GPA in student’s admission record, valid non-expired standardized test scores (ACT or SAT), or by taking the Wright State Writing Placement Assessment.


    Wright State writing placement assessment scores are final. There is no reassessment before the two-year expiration date, at which time the student may be reassessed. If they previously placed into ENG 1100, there is no need for reassessment.

    Students in ENG 1030 and ENG 1100 ESL sections will take part in a diagnostic activity on the first day of class to verify placement.

    Remediation-Free Standards

    Students with valid non-expired ACT English scores of 18 (or above) or SAT Reading/Writing scores of 480 (or above) cannot be placed in DEV 0100 (Dayton Campus) or DEV 0920 (Lake Campus) due to state remediation-free standards.

    Printable Writing Placement Policy (PDF)