Graduate Student Ambassadors

photo of the spring 2024 graduate student ambassadors

Empowering international graduate students through peer mentorship.

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photo of the Ambassadors’ Office located in Room 159 Russ Engineering Center, inside the student study lounge

About the Ambassadors

A team of six Graduate Student Ambassadors provide peer mentoring support to College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) graduate students. The Ambassadors coach graduate students to be successful in coursework and professional interests as well as with time management and healthy lifestyle. Graduate Student Ambassadors have achieved high academic standing in graduate coursework at Wright State, and are trained to provide professional assistance in many different aspects of your graduate student experience.

To Seek Help from the Ambassadors

A learning community of practice is located in 159 Russ Engineering Center inside the CECS study lounge, and student help hours are staffed by Graduate Student Ambassadors according to the weekly schedule posted near the office entry.

Complete the Graduate Student Learning Community of Practice contact form so that we can assist you in finding resources and to check your progress after visiting.

Activities Led by Graduate Student Ambassadors

If you join our contact list, the Graduate Student Ambassadors will reach out and stay connected with you, and student help hours will be communicated widely. They will also host academic and social events throughout the Spring 2024 semester that will help build your professional skills AND your confidence. Follow your Wright State email for upcoming announcements.

Current Ambassadors

Spring 2024

Akhil Dwibhashyam

Akhil Dwibhashyam embarked on his master’s degree journey in the Fall of 2022 following completion of undergraduate studies and employment as a Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services in India. He has been actively involved with Wright State Hospitality Services before taking on a role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for CS1150: Introduction to Computer Science where he assisted with the laboratory component of the course, which covers a range from basic number systems to the fundamentals of front-end web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ahkil will complete one remaining course in Spring 2024, and then he will graduate.

Sahithi Gangireddy

Sahithi Gangireddy enrolled as a computer science master's student at Wright State University because the coursework perfectly complemented her background in industrial technology. Originally from Hyderabad in southern India, she loves to try different street delicacies from her famous hometown. Sahiti had difficulty adapting to Ohio's cold winters, but the educational experience and exciting extracurriculars have made for a rewarding time that is helping her achieve career goals and build friendships. Outside of the classroom, Sahithi enjoys long drives, go-karting, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, taking trips with friends, and learning new languages.

Monika Gunasekhar

Monika Gunasekhar, a graduate student specializing in computer engineering, commenced her academic pursuit in spring 2023. Currently, Monika serves as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Operating Systems, relishing the opportunity to engage in scholarly activities on campus. Her experiences have afforded the chance to delve into diverse facets of academia. She eagerly aspires to embark on a new role as a Graduate Student Ambassador, envisioning it as a transformative opportunity for personal and professional growth. Monika is enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to the university community and fostering meaningful connections as a Graduate Student Ambassador.

Niharika Poreddy

Niharika Poreddy is currently in her third semester pursuing a master's degree in computer science as an international student, which she says has been an enriching and transformative experience. The diverse academic environment at Wright state University, coupled with exceptional faculty support, has broadened her perspective and equipped her with invaluable skills. As a Graduate Ambassador, she is dedicated to fostering academic excellence. Committed to empowering peers, Niharika will advocate for her students’ collaborative learning and will embrace the role of a mentor. Eager to inspire others in their educational journey, she aims to inspire, guide, and amplify the academic experience for our vibrant community. 

Naveen Reddy Tumu

Naveen Reddy Tumu was born and raised in a South Indian village, where he harbored a childhood dream of becoming a software engineer. Pursuing this passion, he completed his bachelor's in computer science, landing a role as a developer at Anthem Inc. Realizing the need for deeper knowledge, Naveen embarked on a journey at Wright State University. In his two years at Wright State, he delved into advanced technologies, honing his skills. Now in the final semester, Naveen stands ready to embrace the challenges of a new chapter in life, armed with a strong foundation in computer science and a wealth of practical experience in the industry.

Aashritha Yamusani

Aashritha Yamusani is a Computer Science Master's student from India who is also a dedicated CRLA Certified Math Tutor with a bachelor's degree in information technology. She is technically strong in Java, Python, Web development and Microsoft Azure, and she has work experience at Tata Consultancy Services in India. Aashritha is known for her professional demeanor, her skill in critical thinking and problem-solving, and she is enthusiastic about further enhancing skills through constructive feedback. Outside of academia, Aashritha is a well-rounded individual driven by a passion for learning and diverse experiences indulges in cooking, dancing and painting.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Graduate Student Ambassador program contact paula.bubulya@wright.edu or visit 159 Russ Engineering Center inside the CECS study lounge during Graduate Student Ambassador office hours.