Faculty Constitution

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Academic Year: 
Tuesday, April 12 to Thursday, April 14, 2022


Faculty Constitution

Voting Results Update 4/15/2022:



APPROVE the proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution


REJECT the proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution


Abstain (blank ballot submitted)


The Faculty President will submit the approved Faculty Constitution documents to the University Provost for an update of Policy 2010 in the University Policy Index.


The 2021-22 Faculty Senate formed a Quadrennial Review Committee to propose changes to the Faculty Constitution.  The Faculty Senate reviewed and amended the QR-proposed changes during the January and February 2022 Senate meetings. As of February 14, 2022, the Faculty Senate has approved all proposed changes for final vote by the University Faculty.

Per Constitutional guidelines, an open meeting to review and discuss proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution was held at 2:00pm, Thursday, March 10 (109 Oelman & 224 Dwyer).  The meeting was attended by Faculty President Brian Boyd, Faculty Vice President Megan Faragher, and two additional faculty members.  The group reviewed the changes as approved by the Faculty Senate.  No other changes were proposed.

Ballots will be distributed to all University Faculty voters for final approval on April 12, 2022 and the ballot deadline will be 5:00pm, April 14, 2022. At least 100 votes must be submitted to constitute a quorum.