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2021-22 Officers and Members


Faculty President
Brian Boyd (2023)

Faculty Vice President
Megan Faragher (2023)

Faculty Senate Parliamentarian
Drew Beauchamp

Elected Faculty Senators

Business, Raj Soin College of

  • Marlena Akhbari (2023) (EC)
  • David Hall (2023)

Education & Human Services, College of

  • Huma Bashir (2022) (EC)
  • Mindy McNutt (2022.v)

Engineering & Computer Science, College of

  • Subhashini Ganapathy (2022) (EC)
  • Yan Zhuang (2022.v)
  • Thomas Wischgoll (2023)

Lake Campus

  • Steven Pedler (2022) (EC)
  • Aubrey Jaqueth (2023)

Liberal Arts, College of

  • Sarah McGinley (2022)
  • Hope Jennings (2022) (EC)
  • Marlese Durr (2022.v)
  • Kirsten Halling (2023)
  • Sharon (Lynette) Jones (2023)
  • Valerie Stoker (2023)

Medicine, Boonshoft School of

  • Terry Oroszi (2022)
  • Ramzi Nahhas (2022.v)
  • Eric Bennett (2023) (EC)
  • Marc Raslich (2023)

Nursing & Health, College of

  • Vicki Evans (2023) (EC)

Professional Psychology, School of

  • Jeremy Schumm (2023) (EC)

Science & Mathematics, College of

  • Ivan Medvedev (2022)
  • vacant (pending vacancy appointment)
  • Dawn Wooley (2022) (EC)
  • Adrian Corbett (2023)
  • Ayse Sahin (2023)

Terms expire at the end of Spring Semester of the stated year.  Years ending in .v indicate the Senator was appointed to fill a vacated seat until the next general election.

(EC)–Denotes Senate Executive Committee representative.

Per adopted Senate procedure, Faculty from colleges undergoing re-organization will continue to be seated based on their legacy unit until the Faculty Constitution is amended to incorporate the new college.  Once updated, current Senators from the affected units will convert to CHEH Senators with no changes to their term limits.