President's Awards for Excellence

Nomination Form

Due Date

The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 22, 2022.


A completed nomination includes the online submission of the form below.

Nomination Letter Instructions

For the nomination letter, it is recommended that you type your letter in a word processing tool and then paste the letter below. It is not possible to save and come back to this form.

Answer the following questions (for the appropriate nomination category) in essay form (be specific and give examples):

  1. Individual Nomination:
    1. How long have you known the nominee (or unit) and in what capacity?
    2. In what ways does the nominee demonstrate the desired qualities in this category?
    3. How does the university benefit from the nominee's contributions in the selected category?
    4. How does this individual demonstrate excellence?
  2. Outstanding Unit:
    1. How long have you interacted with this unit and in what capacity?
    2. What do you see as this unit's primary objective?
    3. How does this unit achieve its objectives in an outstanding manner? Give specific examples of accomplishments, recognition, or projects to support the nomination.
  3. Outstanding Collaborative Unit:
    1. How did you become familiar with the collaborative efforts of these units?
    2. How does this collaboration go beyond what is expected among all university units? Give specific examples.
    3. How has the university and/or the community benefited from the collaborative efforts of these units?

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