Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS)

Learning Disabilities Success Strategies

Students with disabilities may face some unique challenges in college as well as challenges that are common to all students. Disabilities come in numerous ways, some may be invisible in the form of a mental disability or learning disability, others may be apparent in the form of a physical disability. It is important to equate the importance of the disability no matter what form it is in. At Wright State University, the Office of Disability Services assists students with physical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities as they transition into college as well as the professional world.

What to do if you think you have a learning disability?

There are many reasons a student may be experiencing low achievement in class. This may include poor study habits, no past learning opportunities, stress, limited effort, etc. Another cause could be a learning disability. Before you assume it's a learning disability (unless you have been diagnosed in the past), it is important do some "self-evaluation” to rule out another potential cause. See more on the Academic Success Strategies page.

In order to determine eligibility services as a learning disabled student, an appointment is necessary with the Office of Disability Services. Disability Services offers specialized evaluation for learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder (ADHD) to students currently enrolled at Wright State University or will they will connect you to offices on and off campus where you can go for evaluation. Students interested in being evaluated for a learning disability should contact the Office of Disability Services.


If you have a learning disability student support is available for students with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, as well as those who experience disorders that can make studying challenging, such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or ADHD.

Academic services are designed to assist students with physical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities in meeting all academic requirements at Wright State University. Registered students with documented disabilities may receive classroom accommodations such as:

  • Test proctoring services
  • Extended time
  • Environment with reduced distractions
  • Adaptive computer equipment
  • Reading or writing assistance
  • Classroom and laboratory accommodations and assistance
  • Reader/writer services, in or out of class
  • Advising for issues regarding disabilities and academic accommodations

For a full list of disability-specific support inside and outside of class, please visit the Office of Disability Services.