The Center for Surveillance Research (CSR) is a National Science Foundation Industry/ University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) whose mission is to develop a principled theory and advanced practice for modern surveillance systems. CSR is a collaborative effort by academia, government and industry to conduct pre-competitive research and student training for the next generation of technology leaders.

Surveillance and situational awareness are critical technologies needed to address societal needs of safety and security. Surveillance is used to provide our nation with both international and homeland security, situational awareness for disaster mitigation/management and environmental monitoring. The key to addressing these crucial issues lies in the effective use of sensors and sensor systems. While individual sensor technology is advancing, there is a compelling need to understand composite surveillance systems. The challenge is to design quantitative tools that aid in designing surveillance systems to achieve particular inference goals and to develop a theory for predicting surveillance performance.

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To learn more about our collaborative of small- and medium-sized enterprises, large industrial enterprises, government research laboratories and universities focused on addressing international and homeland security, disaster mitigation and environmental monitoring through layered sensing technologies, contact:

Brian Rigling
Professor and Chair
Department of Electrical Engineering
Wright State University

Lee Potter
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ohio State University

Edmund Zelnio
IAB Chair
Air Force Research Labs
Wright Patterson Air Force Base