How Does it Work?

The Industry Advisory Board meets semi-annually. These activities are governed via amendable by-laws.

How are projects selected?

  • Proposal topics originate from any stake-holder: university, industry, government
  • Mentors identify US citizen graduate students
  • Mentor briefs board on proposed topic
  • Board evaluates proposals
    • Votes to: accept; reject; revise & amend
    • Board culture has been: discussion, consensus, and prioritization

What cost-share do universities contribute?

  • Reduced overhead (from 54.5% to 10%)

How much are memberships?

  • We set membership at $50k/year (based on leveraged costs to support a graduate student for a year).
  • SBIR companies can join at ½ membership.
  • Members can contribute additional whole or fractional memberships, and gain additional votes.

Can the Board select projects outside WSU and OSU?

  • Yes.
  • IAB can vote to support any new University participant for up to two years.
  • After two year window, the new University can continue as an NSF Site, with three sponsoring industry or government members.

Are visitors allowed to Center meetings?

  • Yes, with nondisclosure agreement in place

How are research materials distributed?

  • Online through the AFRL’s VDL; AFRL provides controlled access limited to Center members.