Pie chart showing cost sharing percentages; ARL 6%, AFRL 21% NSF 15%, Univ. 34%, Industry 24%
The National Science Foundation and universities cost-sharing leverages industry dollars to support research and training.

Get Started

To get started, review the Membership Agreement (link at bottom of this page) and then contact us.

Dr. Brian Rigling
Center Director

Dr. Lee Potter
Center Co-Director

Join a collaborative of enterprises, research laboratories, and universities focused on international and homeland security through layered sensing technologies.

Current members are the people you need to meet from the organizations you want to target.

Return on Investment

  • Leveraged collaboration with university partners
    • Reduced overhead rate
    • NSF cost-share
    • Shared consortium research portfolio
  • Establishing early relationships with US citizen students; opportunities to recruit talented students.
  • Direct discussions with our Air Force and Army customers in a pre-competitive setting where members can identify mutual interests and begin to take the next research steps.
  • Exposure to new ideas at early stages of R&D.
  • Establish teaming relationships for sponsored R&D proposals.

Benefits of membership

  1. Gain exposure to new ideas at early stages of research and development.
  2. Establish relationships with bright engineering students.
  3. Have direct discussions with potential clients.

Benefits by organization

Small- and Medium-Sized Firms (SMEs)

  • SBIR companies can join with 50% discount on membership
  • Leverage your research capabilities
  • Pool your resources with other companies, universities, and government labs
  • As a CSR board member, learn Department of Defense R&D directions from their prioritization and evaluation of CSR activities at semi-annual meetings
  • Gain direct access to Fortune 500 companies focused in this area

Fortune 500 Companies (OEMs)

  • Recruitment opportunities via CSR internships
  • Establish teaming relationships for sponsored R&D proposals
  • Add qualified, domain-specific companies to your supply chain
  • First access to reproducible research

Government Research Labs

  • Reduced overhead rate to collaborate with universities
  • Opportunities to recruit talented students


  • Easily collaborate with industry and government labs
  • Enhance technology commercialization efforts
  • Learn government research directions prior to formal Broad Agency Announcements
  • Develop a strong research network