Optional Services & Fees

Optional services are automatically billed at the time fees are assessed. Optional fees may be waived through WINGS Express via WINGS under the "optional services" menu.

Student Legal Services Fee

Student Legal Services (SLS) is a non-profit law office that has served the students of WSU since 2000. SLS currently employs two full-time attorneys that typically advise and represent over 1,000 students each year. Additionally, SLS promotes educational opportunities for the entire student body that are related to legal issues facing today's students. Students must pay a sixteen-dollar ($16) participation fee at the beginning of each semester to use the services. Contact Student Legal Services by phone at 937-775-5857 or visit the Student Legal Services Web site for more information.

Counseling and Wellness Services Fee

A Counseling and Wellness Services Fee will appear on your University bill. This fee is an optional $20 fee. If you choose to pay the CWS Fee, you will be able to receive mental health services (counseling, psychological assessment, and psychiatric services) at CWS at no cost. You will also be able to receive Life Coaching Services offered by CWS at no cost. You may choose to waive the fee and continue to utilize the counseling and wellness services, but you will be assessed $20 per session for mental health, psychological assessment, psychiatric and/or life coaching services. For additional information about the available services and fees, please visit the Counseling and Wellness Services Fees website.

Other Fees

Provided below is a list of other fees that may appear on your Bursar Fee Statement. Contact the respective department for more information.

Residence Services

  • Room & Board Fees
  • Communication Fee
  • Residential Community Fee

Contact Residence Services by phone at 937-775-4172 or visit the Residence Services Web site.

Dining Services

  • Meal Plans
  • Dining Dollars

Contact Dining Services by phone at 937-775-5633 or visit the Dining Services Web site.

Wright1 Card

  • Raider Cash
  • Lost or Stolen Wright1 Card

Contact the Wright1 Card Center at 937-775-5542 or visit the Wright1 Card Web site.

Parking & Transportation

  • Parking Permits
  • Parking Fines

Contact Parking & Transportation by phone at 937-775-4444 or visit the Parking & Transportation Web site.