Air Force ROTC


Scholarship Opportunities

National AFROTC Scholarships

There are typically three chances for any student to compete for a scholarship. First, when you are a junior in high school you can apply for the High School Scholarship Program (link below) starting the summer after your junior year.  

If you missed that opportunity, there are additional opportunities to compete for an In-College Scholarship (link below). One chance is during your freshman year where you will compete against other freshmen. You have additional chances after your freshman year against all other AFROTC cadets.  

It is important to understand that all AFROTC scholarships are merit-based and each student will compete nationally against his or her peers for a potential scholarship. 

Wright State Scholarships

In addition to national AFROTC scholarships, Wright State also allows us to offer various scholarships to Wright State students each semester. 

U.S. Air Force: ROTC Scholarships

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation and successful completion of Air Force ROTC, you will receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force or Space Force. You will have a mandatory commitment of four years if a line officer, six years if you are selected to be a Combat Systems Officer or Air Battle Manager, and ten years if you are selected to be a pilot. During your time in the Air Force or Space Force, you will receive all of the following benefits:

  • base salary starting at around $55,000 per year (increases to around $86,000 after 4 years)
  • 30 days of paid leave each year
  • medical care
  • base recreation facilities
  • tuition assistance for further degree programs
  • retirement pension