“Reaching Forward and Giving Back”

Dr. Gordon

Welcome to the Veteran and Military Center at Wright State University.

Founded in August 2013, the Veteran and Military Center is focused on providing a supportive environment for all veteran and military connected students as they transition from the military to college and from college to career.

Much has changed over the past year, including this website. We are in the process of attempting to create a more streamlined and accurate experience for all of our constituents. As you look over our website, please keep that in mind. We welcome any comments or suggestions that will improve our service to you.


Seth Gordon, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                         


There has always been an office, typically one person, who processed GI Bill benefits here at Wright State. In the fall of 2010 the establishment of the Post 9/11 GI Bill led to a 300% increase in the number of students using the GI Bill at WSU.

The desire to expand the Office of Veterans Affairs was both an institutional and student concern. At the institutional level, a large committee was formed to begin to address the needs of student veterans. At roughly the same time, in the Fall of 2012 two students got together and gathered over 3000 signatures to present to the President’s office requesting that Wright State establish a Veteran and Military Center.

Established in August of 2013, the Veteran and Military Center has been focused on expanding services for veterans, reservists, active duty, and national guardsman. We have expanded the full time staff from one to three individuals; provided expanded programming focused on networking, career development, and academic success; and begun to deliver a veteran only orientation.

Most importantly we will open the Veteran and Military Student Center in November of 2014. This 1700 sq. foot space will provide dedicated study and lounge space to our approximately 1000 veteran and military connected students.

The VMC Provides

The VMC provides:

  • Seating for up to 50 students at a time
  • Dedicated Key Card Access between 6am-11pm.
    • Transfer of Entitlement students will have access from 6am-6pm.
  • Free Printing
  • Free Coffee
  • Computers (9)
  • Quiet Study Room
  • Team Study Room
  • Conference Room – Must be reserved
  • Cable TV Access
  • Kitchenette with Refrigerator / Microwave / Hot-Cold Filtered Water
  • 24 Lockers for Daily / Monthly Usage (first come/first serve)
  • A mini-STAC (Student Assistance Technology Center) for multi-media production
  • Mobile White Boards
  • Bulletin Boards

Conditions of Use

  • All guests must sign in.
  • All guests must be accompanied by their VMC Sponsor
  • All individuals must abide by posted rules while in the VMC or risk having their access denied.

Who We Serve

As of Fall 2014, over 750 students will utilize some form of GI Bill requiring confirmation of attendance through the the Veteran and Military Center. In addition, approximately 300 plus student will attend who are active duty or veterans who do not utilize GI Bill benefits.

The Veteran and Military Center serves:

  • All U.S. Armed Services Veterans. If you have put on the uniform, we serve you.
  • All active duty, reserve, and National Guard service members.
  • Transfer of entitlement, spouses, widows and orphans of U.S. Service Members who are using GI Bill Benefits.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation students who are funded by Department of Veterans Affairs

What We Do

The Veteran and Military Center at Wright State University is focused on providing the following services to Veterans and Military Connected Students

The Efficient Processing of GI Bill Benefits

We know that navigating college brings with it many challenges. For veterans and military connected students there can be n added layer of “red-tape” when it comes to dealing with our center. To facilitate the smooth processing of your benefits do the following.

  • All new students must make a face-to-face appointment with the VMC prior to using any GI Bill benefits on campus.
  • Our office has two individuals with the capacity to serve as certifying officials. We strive to process all benefit claims within 48 hours during peak times, with same day processing the norm. It is important to note that the receipt of benefits may take from far longer.
  • Our office can advocate and troubleshoot VA GI Bill claims for Wright State University students.

Academic Support and Advocacy

To be successful in college all students must demonstrate mastery of course material. To assist students in that we goal we do the following:

  • Facilitate Priority Registration for all Veterans or Military-Connected individuals not using GI Bill Benefits. If you would like access please bring a copy of your DD214 or military ID to the VMC.
  • Peer advisors and Orientation program: New students are encouraged to attend our Vet only orientation. New students can opt to partner with a “Battle Buddy” - a more experienced student during - their first semester so they can talk to a peer about the best way to navigate their college experience.
  • Free tutoring through the Student Academic Success Center (122 Student Success Center).
  • In house Academic Advising – Our Associate Director, Amanda Watkins, can assist students with any academic issues that they may have.
  • Veteran Specific Courses: Veterans Voices Oral History Class and the Veterans Affairs minor.
  • Student Advocacy – An advocate is someone who supports a student through a difficult situation. At times misunderstandings with professors or other offices on campus can cause stress or confusion. Our staff can act on behalf of students to assist them in resolving any issues they may have navigating their college experience.

Career and Leadership Development

  • Career Oriented Workshops: Resume Writing, Networking and Graduate School Preparation
  • Communicate Job/Career/Internship Opportunities to our constituents.
  • Sponsor students at Career oriented events such as the annual etiquette luncheon.
  • Mission Continues Fellows:

Community Development and Engagement

  • Partner with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion for various events and opportunities.
  • Host the Regional Troop and Family Assistance (RISFAC) quarterly meeting twice a year.
  • Gathering tickets for local sporting events on campus and off.