The Cooperative Education (Co-op)/Internship Program is designed to provide qualified students with practical work experiences related to their area of study. The Office of Career Services works to ensure that both the needs of the student and the needs of the employer are met.

The Co-op and Internship program matches employers with students for the completion of meaningful workplace tasks. The demands of a co-op job or internship require the advanced skills of an upper level student. At Wright State University, students become eligible for co-op or internship employment in their sophomore year, once they have completed minimum requirements as set by their academic department. photo of students in computer lab


Co-op experiences traditionally last more than one semester. Co-op program structures include alternating, where students work full-time and alternate terms of work with terms of study; and parallel, where students work part-time and simultaneously continue their academic study. A co-op job generally implies a commitment of at least two work terms or more.


Internships are filled on a term by term basis, and students may or may not be paid, depending on the employer. Each major has special requirements for students to participate in the program.

Some of our graduates have been offered full-time employment through these programs. Students can discover employers for co-op/internships through Co-op Recruiting Days on campus.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services helps students and alumni develop career and life-planning skills, acquire professional experience, master job search strategies, and seek rewarding employment.

How Career Services serves you:

  • Resume writing and cover letter workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • Career advising
  • On- and off-campus jobs search banks
  • Online job list and information on career development
  • Graduate school search resource center
  • Career-planning course
  • Career fairs and co-op recruitment days on campus
  • Sponsorship of other local career fairs

Jobs on Campus

Students can take advantage of on-campus employment opportunities for income or education. As part of the federal work-study program, they can pay for education expenses through on-campus employment.

Working on campus is a great way to meet new people including faculty and staff, acquire job skills, and balance work and school. Nearly every office on campus has some kind of employment opportunities.

Career Services can help students discover which department has openings. Students should also plan on participating in the Summer On-Campus Job Fair held every August.