Quick Tips

Official Communication

In accordance with Wright State University's Code of Conduct, Section VIII – Process, the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct will communicate with students concerning conduct issues via their Wright State University e-mail accounts. This is the official method for University communication and the primary method by which conduct-related information will be delivered.

All messages contain a tracking link which you must authenticate your identity and access the e-mail message.

Students are held responsible for checking their university e-mail account. If a student's e-mail box is over quota, the message will still be considered delivered.  For the issue of e-mail being over quota, please call CaTS at 775-4827.  


A student may submit an appeal up to five (5) business days from the date the Resolution was sent via e-mail. A link to the appeal letter is on the Resolution letter. The appeal must be detailed and based on the following grounds:

  1. Student has been deprived of his/her rights (defined in Code of Conduct).
  2. The facts appear to be insufficient to establish the violation.
  3. The sanction (s) imposed by the officer/body of original jurisdiction was not justified by the nature of the offense.
  4. New evidence to present that would sufficiently alter a decision.

Computer Download Violations

Illegal downloading and/or distributing copy written material from any computer connected to the Wright State University network is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and material must be removed from the student's computer. Subsequent violation (s) may lead to deactivation of the student's WINGS account by CaTS and possible sanctioning from our office.

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