Code of Conduct

Table of Contents

Section I      Purpose
Section II      Jurisdiction
Section III      Definitions
Section IV      Conduct Bodies
A. Conduct Officers
B. Conduct Panels
Section V      Conduct Policies: Code of Student Conduct
Section VI      Sanctions
A. Warning
B. Education Sanction
C. Parental Notification
D. Alcohol/ Drug Sanctioning Guidelines
E. Drug Violations Sanctioning Guidelines
F. Restitution
G. Fine/Administrative Fee
H. Probation
I. Loss of Privilege
J. Termination of Recognition
K. No Contact Order
L. Suspension
M. Summary Suspension
N. Residential Summary Suspension
O. Deferred Suspension
P. Expulsion
Q. Academic Sanctions
R. Non-Academic Sanctions
Section VII      Student Rights
A. Rights of the Accused
B. Rights of the Complainant
Section VIII      Non Academic Violations Process
A. Violations Notification and Hearings
B. Conference and Hearing Processes
Section IX      Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
Section X      Health and Wellness Conference
Section XI      Academic Integrity
A. Recommendations for Students
B. Academic Integrity Policy and Process
C. Faculty-Student Meeting Procedures
D. Academic Integrity Hearing Panel (AIHP)
E. Examples of Academic Dishonesty
Section XII      Appeals
Section XIII      Distinguishing the Student Code Provisions from Local, State and Federal Laws
Section XIV      Student Disciplinary Files and Records
A. Disciplinary File
B. Disciplinary Records
C. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
D. Records Maintenance and Storage
E. Record Elimination
Section XV      Operating Procedures
Section XVI      Implementation and Revisions
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