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Offering Support to Students from Foster Care

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The Wright State University Independent Scholars Network (ISN) is a program for admitted Wright State University students who have been impacted by foster care. This program offers a bridge to students who emancipate from foster care or disengage from the adoption process into their new home at Wright State. ISN offers a wide range of services, including help with living arrangements and employment opportunities.


The Wright State University Independent Scholars Network exists to provide resources and services which enhance the academic and social-cultural experiences of a student who emancipates from foster care into higher education.


Wright State University will be known as a national model for transforming the lives of Independent Scholars as they prepare to participate in and engage with diverse and global communities around the world.


We value students and will carefully identify services and support to match individual needs.

We value achievement and recognize that students are unique and will rise to meet and exceed standards of excellence on an individual basis.

We value engaging students at every level of their higher education academic experience.


  • Independent Scholar Student: A student who is emancipating from foster care or emancipated from foster care and who has been accepted for admission to Wright State University.
  • ISN Committee: Participates as team members in developing, planning, executing, directing and hosting co-curricular collaborative initiatives at the direction of and with the support of the ISN Lead Team. Other related duties as assigned.
  • ISN Lead Team: Generally the ISN Lead Team is responsible for ISN protocol, process, procedure, instruction and developing / planning curricular and co-curricular initiatives for ISN and directing the course of the ISN Committee by i.e. Directing the activities of the Network Committee, Planning/Developing Specific ISN Initiatives, Selecting Leaders from the ISN Committee for Leading Broad Based Initiatives, Development/Planning/Executing Deliverables for UVC 101, 102 and 103 ISN Students.
  • ISN Residence Services Team: Responsible for on-boarding Independent Scholar Students for housing at WSU.
  • ISN UVC (Learning Communities) Team: Develops and implements the curriculum for the UVC (University College) 101, 102 and 103 Learning Communities.

Independent Scholars Network brochure (PDF)