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Bias Incident Response Team Overview


The reality for Wright State University students is that Wright State University has policies, procedures and protocols in place to respond to different kinds of incidents that enable the university to attend to the health and safety of students; manage individual complaints; adjudicate violations of university policies and the student code of conduct, and local, state, and federal laws. There is another area of incidents which does not fit into formal university policy response. It is in this area that the Bias Incident Response Protocol will operate. Bias related incidents involving Wright State students can occur in their living communities, classrooms, at co-curricular activities, in employment situations and at off-campus activities.

First Amendment Rights and You on a College Campus

At times, the exercise of rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution (particularly freedom of speech and freedom of expression) can seem at odds with the values of a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive campus community. The panel discussion presented in the video below explains some of the challenges faced when balancing competing values and what members of the campus community can do to promote Wright State's values of diversity and inclusivity. The "First Amendment Rights and You on a College Campus" panel discussion was hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Bias Incident Response Team, and the Student Affairs Diversity Committee on Sept. 30, 2015.

BIRT Reports

Members of the Wright State University community are encouraged to report all types of bias incidents precipitated by intolerant behaviors. Please refer to the steps outlined below in order to file an incident report.  When filing a report, you may do so anonymously or you may provide contact information.
If the reported incident involves physical harm to you or your property, please also file a police report with the Wright State University Police Department by calling 911 from any campus phone or by calling (937) 775-2111.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Wright State University to establish and support a collaborative interdivisional team that will assess bias incident situations or complaints and coordinate university resources in response to bias-related incidents and complaints.

The Bias Incident Response Team is committed to contributing to a campus community that fosters civility, community standards, total student development, academic freedom, freedom of expression, diversity and personal empowerment. The bias response will provide for a timely internal and external intervention to incidents and will be sensitive to the rights of all parties involved.

When a bias-related incident occurs, a coordinated, effective, and timely university response will be implemented. The BIRT provides a university response that is comprehensive, coordinated, unified and establishes a communication system that will ensure that all BIRT members are informed and updated on a regular basis.

Through voluntary participation in bias incident response team interventions, it is the intention of Wright State University to foster a sense, civility and campus community, respect and understanding to support a multicultural and diverse campus environment. It is intended that any bias-response intervention will be educational at its core. The intervention may involve a variety of activities including discussion, mediation, training, counseling and consensus building.

Bias Incident Response Team's Mission Statement

The purpose of the Wright State University bias response intervention is to organize and implement a comprehensive university response to bias-related incidents. The Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) is comprised of representatives from various offices at Wright State that will work collaboratively to review incidents and develop and deliver interventions. The BIRT will evaluate and respond to bias-related incidents, share information, foster good working relationships, and participate in and provide ongoing training.

  • Members of the Bias Incident Response Team may report an incident after scanning the university environment and identifying a campus climate concern and/or behaviors that do not support a welcoming and inclusive campus environment.
  • Students, staff, or faculty who experience or witness or become aware of a bias-related incident are asked to report the incident immediately.
  • If the reported incident involves physical harm to you or your property, file a police report with the Wright State University Police Department by calling 911 from any campus phone or by calling (937) 775-2111.
  • Students who are victims of bias incidents should obtain a Bias Incident Report Form (PDF) or complete and submit the report electronically online at:
  • A Member of the Bias Incident Response Team will meet with the reporting party within 24 hours of filing the report in order to discuss the incident.
  • The protocol will be available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Wright State University Crisis Management Team will be notified of a reported incident.