Student Handbook

Alcohol (Student) Policy


Wright State University prohibits the use of alcohol that is inconsistent with state, local, or university regulations. It is the goal of Wright State University to establish and sustain an environment on campus that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional and social growth of all members of its community. The university is committed to the preservation of individual freedoms and the promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of the community. Pursuant to these commitments, Wright State University has established the following policy governing the possession, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the university's campuses. It is the university's goal, through these policies and related programs, to encourage community members to make responsible decisions and to promote safe, legal, and healthy patterns of social interaction. The university will enforce all state and local laws relative to the consumption of alcohol.

Students are advised that Section 4301.632 of the Ohio Revised Code states that "no person under the age of 21 years of age shall order, pay for, share the cost of, or attempt to purchase any beer or intoxicating liquor, or consume any beer or intoxicating liquor, either from a sealed or unsealed container or by the glass or by the drink, or possess any beer or intoxicating liquor, in any public or private place." The complete text of state liquor law and related regulations can be found in the Ohio Revised Code.

The university permits the use of alcoholic beverages in licensed university facilities and at policy-specified social events. The misuse or abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated on campus. Violation of state laws, local laws, or university policy may result in disciplinary action. Additionally, the appropriate law enforcement authorities may be contacted. Violators will be subject to university sanctions, which may include suspension from the university and/or referral for treatment. This policy also applies to any location where university-related activities occur or when using university vehicles, or when using private vehicles on university business.

On-Campus Event Guidelines


  • All alcohol sold and served on the campus shall be through the university's food service vendor(s).
  • All student organization events where alcohol is served must be registered and pre-approved by the Office of Student Activities, in accordance with university policies and procedures.
  • For all student organization events at which alcohol is sold, appropriate security personnel acceptable to the University Police must be present to assist in the enforcement of these guidelines. The sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting the University Police for all security arrangements. The Office of Student Activities, through a Social Event Form, will assist all student organizations in contacting University Police for security arrangements.
  • The serving of alcohol must, at all times, conform to state and local laws and university policies.
  • The consumption of alcohol may not be the focus of an event.
  • At any event where alcohol is served, nonalcoholic beverages must also beavailable at no charge.
  • Snacks must be available, at no charge, for the duration of any event at which alcohol is served.
  • Alcohol will not be served to persons who are, or who appear to be, intoxicated.
  • Alcohol may not be carried onto or off the premises of a permit area.
  • Sponsors must post hours of sale or service at all points of sale.
  • Alcohol shall not be sold or served prior to 2 p.m.
  • The sale of alcohol shall not last more than a total of three consecutive hours without at least a one-hour suspension of sale.
  • The sale of alcohol must cease 45 minutes prior to the end of the event.
  • The sale of alcohol at outdoor events must be maintained in a distinct area, clearly separate from the general area. Appropriate security personnel must monitor all entrances and exits to this area. The Office of Student Activities must approve any setup for outdoor events.
  • In addition to the general guidelines, organization advisors will be notified of all space reservations so they are aware of the organization's event.
  • Student organization advisors must approve and be in attendance during the entire event where alcohol is served.


  • Advertising for events where alcohol is to be served shall not contain visual representations of such items as foaming mugs, beer cans, kegs, or other items promoting alcoholic beverages. Publicity may state the variety of refreshments available, with no single refreshment receiving undue emphasis.
  • All publicity must state that a valid driver's license or state of Ohio photo identification is required to determine whether persons may purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • All advertising and publicity for both on- and off-campus events must conform to state and local laws and the policies of the university, and include the name of the sponsoring organization. Publicity will not be approved for off-campus events that do not conform to university policy or that promote the unlimited consumption of alcohol. It is the responsibility of the sponsors of an event to ensure that advertising conforms to these guidelines.
  • All publicity must be approved through the Office of Student Activities per the Posting Policy.

Identification and Security

  • A representative of the sponsoring organization of an event where alcohol is served must check the identification of all persons seeking admittance to the event.
    Two acceptable forms of identification are (1) a valid driver's license and (2) a state of Ohio identification card issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing wristbands on persons who are eligible to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages as a method to identify those who are permitted to do so. The vendor is responsible for checking the wristband and to serve alcoholic beverages only to persons legally permitted to make a purchase.
  • A sign indicating the minimum age for the purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages must be posted by the sponsoring organization at each point of sale and service.
  • For all events where alcohol is sold, appropriate security personnel acceptable to the University Police must be present to assist in the enforcement of these guidelines. The sponsoring organization isresponsible for contacting the University Police Department for all security arrangements.
  • Generally, a minimum of two security personnel are required. However, depending upon the nature of the event, additional security personnel may be required as determined by University Police as well as personnel in the Student Union Administrative Office, Student Activities, or Residence Services.
  • Responsibilities of security personnel may include checking identification, monitoring the perimeter of the alcohol permit area, handling disturbances, and assisting at the points of sale or service as necessary.
  • At an event where an ID is not required for admittance, the vendor and sponsoring organization are responsible for assuring that only persons of legal age are served or sold alcoholic beverages.

Off-Campus Event Guidelines

  • Events held off-campus using, or implying, the Wright State University name, utilizing the Wright State University accounting system, or off-campus events publicized on campus are subject to all university policies and procedures. These events must be registered through the Office of Student Activities by completing a Social Event Registration form.
  • Student organizations holding events off campus assume all financial and legal responsibility.
  • Student organizations are subject to all state and local laws relative to the consumption of alcohol. The complete text of state liquor law and related regulations can be found in the Ohio Revised Code.


The university will enforce all state and local laws relative to the consumption of alcohol. Individuals and/or student organizations violating this policy are subject to all relevant penalties including referral to the university Office of Judicial Affairs. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for more information.

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Promotional items provided by corporate sponsors, including sponsors from the alcohol beverage industry, must be approved in advance by the Office of Student Activities. For additional information on the appropriate use of the university's name and other marks, words, logos, and symbols, please see the Wright Way Policy 2304.1.
  • University marks may not be used in conjunction with the sale or promotion of alcoholic beverages.

Residential Communities

In addition, for students living on campus, the following policies apply. See Campus Housing Policies Alcoholic Beverages