Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally (LGBTQA) Affairs

Partner Offices

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Liason: Daniela Burnworth, Ph.D. - Associate Director for Clinical Training, Counseling and Wellness Services

I serve as a resource to the Office of LGBTQA Affairs to partner on programs, facilitate referrals for students to CWS to access services, and offer perspectives on student well-being that focuses on mental health awareness and nurtures wellness, broadly defined.  I am happy to meet with students who have questions about CWS and its services and to help connect students to available resources.  CWS staff engage in LGBTQA-affirming services, which are offered at low to no cost to WSU students.  We provide:

  • Individual and group services (including a group specifically for LGBTQA+ identified students). 
  • Staff that have worked with many students seeking support with
    • Coming out to family/friends and in academic/work settings
    • Navigating dating relationships 
    • Coping with discrimination, bias, and/or harassment 
    • Redefining expressions of gender
    • Navigating university processes for name changes and pronoun use 
    • Pursuing gender affirming services (i.e., hormones)
  • Psychiatry services are available in our office for students who are interested in medication to manage symptoms that might be interfering with academics or impacting social relationships or self-esteem. 
  • Assessments for students that are interested in exploring career options, learning more about themselves and their strengths, as well as understanding concerns they may have related to inattention or academic difficulties. 

I am excited to be the CWS liaison to LGBTQA Affairs and hope to meet and interact with many of you along your journey at Wright State!

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Women's Center

The Wright State University Women's Center offers resources and support for women on campus and in the surrounding area through facilitating connections, providing resources, and advocating for equitable experiences and opportunities for all people. The Center actively seeks to create an environment in which women are supported, encouraged, and less isolated than what has been documented historically.

The Women’s Center believes that equitable situations for women will, in turn, improve the lives of all people. In other words, when women have opportunities to utilize their talents and efforts to their fullest extent, both men and women benefit. The Center seeks to honor the contributions and experiences of women of all ages, socioeconomic situations, physical conditions, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, spiritual beliefs, and racial/ethnic origins.

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Career Services

Visit the Wright State Career Services LGBTQA Job Search web page

The Human Rights Campaign offers employer rankings and access to equal opportunity policies for both corporations and government.

For guidance on career planning visit the Wright State Career Services website.