Fraternity and Sorority Life

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Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Members gain lifelong friendship with fellow Greeks. The bonds of friendship are strengthened throughout your college years and throughout life. These bonds are not only found amongst the local collegiate chapters but also spread across the nation and internationally.

Greeks strive to combine their common goals and ideals of a brotherhood or sisterhood with the unique college experience. Greek organizations maintain active alumni relations programs that offer possibilities for career networking.


The Greek community offers countless opportunities for exploring and developing leadership skills. Greeks offer interior leadership positions, and strongly encourage, and in some cases, require other leadership activity on campus and in the community. Fraternity and sorority members are involved with countless clubs and organizations on campus and can offer guidance to new students wishing to get involved. Greek Life members have made significant contributions to Wright State. Joining the Greek community could possibly be the best decision you make to grow as a leader.


The foundation of the college experience is a good education. Greek Life is a plus that will help heighten your college experience. Academics are important to Greek Life at Wright State. Most Greek chapters at Wright State require you to maintain a certain GPA to remain an active member. In many cases the Greek groups offer National Scholarships to members that meet specific academic criteria.


One of the most unique qualities about a fraternity or sorority member is dedication to service. Each Fraternity or sorority hosts its own philanthropic events to raise money or donates their time to a specific cause. They also assist the Wright State and Dayton area communities with community and philanthropic efforts. Members of Wright State University’s Greek community participate in a range of service projects and support various philanthropies such as: March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, St. Jude Up Till Dawn, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and other local and national organizations or events. Giving back to the community and Wright State are priorities Wright State Greeks emphasize.

Social Interaction

Through social activity schedules, and philanthropic activities undertaken by Greek chapters, members learn how to interact well with others, and allowing their true selves emerge. By encouraging the development of self, while nurturing individuals the Greek community helps its members in ways not possible in other groups