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Classroom Features and Photos

The Classroom Features and Photos website gives you the most recently updated information about all Registar-scheduled classrooms. Use this page to determine what equipment and features are available in the room(s) assigned to you through the Registrar.

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Classroom Usage Policies

General Academic Classroom/Compter Lab Usage
Academic Usage

The Registrar's Office Scheduling Unit is responsible for scheduling academic class sections and activities associated with academic class sections. An academic activity can be either a one-time meeting or multiple meetings and must be associated with a specific academic class section or a group of class sections.

These types of activities are held in the Registrar Inventory classrooms/computer labs (general purpose classrooms/labs). When/if it is necessary to use space outside the Registrar Inventory of classrooms/labs, the Registrar's Office Scheduling Unit will make arrangements on behalf of the academic class/section to secure an appropriate location.

Examples of activity types related to academic sections include:

  • Review and Help sessions; Supplemental Instruction
  • Guest speakers associated with a specific class section or sections (not open to the public)
  • Lecture classes w/occasional meeting(s) in computer labs or other specialized rooms
  • Thesis or Dissertation defenses
  • Common exams

See the Registrar's homepage for photos and information on Registrar Inventory classrooms.  To request a classroom for academic purposes, please call 775-5581 (or 5587 or 5590).

Software and Classroom Equipment

Make arrangements for software installation or technology equipment installation directly with CaTS. All CaTS policies concerning software and equipment should be followed. Please review the following links for this information:

Procedures for CaTS Workshops

Equipment Checkout Information


Event requestors will receive an email confirmation with details of the reservation(s) from the Office of the Registrar Scheduling Unit. It is the responsibility of the requestor to carefully review the activity details. The email confirmation documents approval for use of the room(s).

Non-Academic Event Scheduling Guidelines

The Student Union Administrative Office Event Staff is responsible for scheduling the use of academic classrooms and computer labs in the Registrar Inventory for non-academic events. Most of the event related services (Catering, Audio Visual, Registration, and Full Coordination Services) offered for events held in the Student Union are available to groups using classrooms/computer labs.

The following guidelines govern the use of academic classrooms and computer labs in the Registrar Inventory for non-academic units.

  1. All non-academic usage of classroom/computer lab space in the Registrar Inventory must be arranged through the Student Union Administrative Office. This includes usage by eligible University Clients, External Clients, and Summer Program Clients. See the Student Union Policies for Client Definitions:

    Examples of non-academic event types include:
    -Division, College and Departmental meetings and special events
    -Faculty, Staff and Student Organization meetings and special events
    -All orientations, seminars, workshops, conferences, and training events (not for academic credit)
    -Testing Activities/Events (ACT, GRE, MCAT, etc.)

  2. Reservations for usage can only be confirmed after the academic schedule is finalized for the requested term. Usage during Finals Week for each term is limited to the unscheduled times as determined by the Registrars Office. Usage will be confirmed via email.

  3. All established Student Union, University and Wright Way policies regarding Client Definitions, Usage/Labor Rates & Fees, Safety, Security & Emergencies, and Dining/Catering are applicable with regards to usage of academic classroom and computer lab space.

To request space for non-academic purposes, call 775-5512.

Report Classroom Problems

Use the CaTS form to report problems concerning an electronic or computer classroom. The information on this form will be reported to the appropriate department via email. If the problem you are having requires IMMEDIATE assistance, please do not use this form. Instead, contact the CaTS Help Desk at x4827 for assistance.


  1. Activities held in general purpose classrooms and computer labs must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings.
  2. The contact person who requests the space will be responsible for leaving the classroom in its original configuration and condition. Furnishings (including teaching stations and A/V equipment) in classrooms may not be removed from rooms. It is expected that classrooms are left in class-ready condition for other users. Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of privileges and/or assessment of fees.
  3. Every effort will be made to meet requested building/room/time preferences, however, usage of the following buildings is preferred in order to allow better access and reduce energy consumption on evenings and weekends: Allyn Hall, Millett Hall, Oelman Hall, and Rike Hall.
  4. All classrooms scheduled for evening or weekend usage will be left unlocked. Key checkouts will not be necessary. If a door is inadvertently locked, please call the Help Desk during regular business hours ( at 775-4827, and a representative will unlock the door.
  5. The Office of the Registrar and the Student Union Administrative Office may adjust room assignments based on academic classroom needs or for efficiency concerns.