Campus shot of WSU

Assistance and referrals are offered in the following areas:

Campus Resources

  • Admissions
  • Disability Services
  • Career Center
  • Community Partnerships
  • Counseling & Wellness Services
  • Raider Connect (Financial Aid, Registration and Student Accounts)
  • Residence Life & Housing
  • Student Activities & Leadership
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Support Services
  • University College
  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Success Centers
  • First Year Programs

The Educational Planner

The Educational Planner represents the general progression of events related to the financial aid process for students who expect to enter higher education institutions. The Planner begins with the students' senior year of high school, however some students may have completed these steps during their sophomore or junior year. Students, guidance counselors, case managers and after care coordinators may use this document to assist students with timely filing of admissions applications and financial aid applications at the university or college of their choice.

*For more college preparation information, please view and download the Educational Planner (PDF) »

The Student Assistance Program and Foster Youth Friendly Logo

Wright State University is committed to providing support services to enhance the academic and social cultural experience of Independent Scholars. We adopt the Foster Youth Friendly Logo to represent that we understand the unique challenges faced by youth who emancipate from foster care into higher education and that we are equipped to assist them in their higher education journey.

Download Student Assistance Program and Foster Youth Friendly Logo (PDF) »