Run an Honors DARS Report

An Honors DARS report is an audit of the Honors courses that you have taken at Wright State. The purpose is to assist you in tracking your progress towards graduating with an Honors designation.

This automated report is designed to assist a student in tracking his/her progress in an academic program; however, responsibility for scheduling and fulfilling all university and program requirements for graduation rests with the student. Final graduation verification and eligibility is determined by your college and the Office of the Registrar.

If you have any questions about your report, call the Honors office at (937) 775-2660.

Follow the steps below to run an Honors DARS report.

  1. Log in to Wings Express.
  2. Click on the "Student & Financial Aid" tab.
  3. Click on the "Registration & Records" link.
  4. Click on the "DARS" link.
  5. Click on the "Submit an Audit" link.
  6. Click on the "What If?" icon.
  7. Select Audit Type "Semesters".
  8. Select "Other" from the College/School dropdown menu.
  9. Select "Non Degree" from the Degree dropdown menu.
  10. Select "Semester-Honors Program Checklist" from the Major dropdown menu.
  11.  Click on the "Run Analysis" icon.

Follow the remaining on-screen steps to view your Honors DARS.