Appendix G

Sample Format for Text


     The main objective of this project is to provide computer-
aided instruction service in the elementary statistics laboratory.

The aim is to increase the students' knowledge of statistics and

statistical techniques, and to help them gain confidence in their

knowledge by solving and analyzing statistical problems via

interactive dialogue with the computer.  Since this computer-aided

instruction is designed to be used by nontechnical personnel,

i.e., students in elementary statistics courses, it is written in

lay terminology.

     The basic elements of a topic with illustrative examples will
still be presented in lectures, assigned readings and exercises,

and progress-accessing examinations.  The laboratory which

accompanies the course is the only part to be computerized.  At

the present, this laboratory consists of solving and analyzing

additional exercises similar to those presented in class with

emphasis on topics which are not covered well in the text.  The

approach in the laboratory is tutorial with few lectures


     In spite of this array of help, some students still lack
confidence in solving and analyzing problems.  It is hoped that

Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) will aid in alleviating some of

the problems, since CAI is more personalized and interactive, and

more demanding of the student in that full attention is required.

  Also, CAI material might have some acceptable educational flair
strong enough to attract and hold the students' interest rather

than just repeat classroom work or be perceived as a dreary

process of drill and practice.