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Staff Directory

Administrative Office

Name Title / Responsibilities Extension E-mail
Mary Ellen Ashley Vice-President for Enrollment Management 4271 maryellen.ashley@wright.edu
Wendy Barhorst Marketing Program Manager 4940 wendy.barhorst@wright.edu
Charles Beckley, II Assistant to the Vice-President 4629 charles.beckley@wright.edu
Joan Bernstein Communications Manager 4278 joan.bernstein@wright.edu
Cathy Davis Early College Programs 5702 cathy.davis@wright.edu

Enrollment Processing and Financial Aid

Name Title Extension Email
Amy Barnhart Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management & Director of Financial Aid 5405 amy.barnhart@wright.edu
Kim Everhart Associate Director of Financial Aid Processing 5414 kim.everhart@wright.edu
Bryan Martin Associate Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships 5409 bryan.martin@wright.edu
Jennifer McCamis Director of Undergraduate Admissions/Enrollment Processing 5703 jennifer.mccamis@wright.edu
Mary Reshad Financial Aid Processing Supervisor 5419 mary.reshad@wright.edu
Andrew Rouhier Associate Director Financial Aid Compliance 5407 andrew.rouhier@wright.edu
Bryan Martin Assistant Director of Scholarships & Special Programs 5409 bryan.martin@wright.edu
Michelle Crawford Assistant Director of Admissions 5713 michelle.crawford@wright.edu
Lora Dues Assistant Director of Admissions 5700 lora.dues@wright.edu
Don Monnin Assistant Director of Admissions 5769 don.monnin@wright.edu
Vanessa Borelly-Vega Admissions Record Technician II  5700 vanessa.borellyvega@wright.edu
Amy Murrell Admissions Record Technician II  5708 amy.murrell@wright.edu
Katie Sibrel Financial Aid Coordinator 5413 katie.sibrel@wright.edu
Sherri Blatz Financial Aid Coordinator 5420 sherri.blatz@wright.edu
Kim Sierschula Financial Aid Coordinator 5415 kimberly.sierschula@wright.edu
Stephanie Williams Scholarship Coordinator 5421 stephanie.williams@wright.edu
Dawn McClary Financial Aid Analyst 5416 dawn.mcclary@wright.edu
Connie Gehret Financial Aid Analyst 5412 connie.gehret@wright.edu
Marcella Glenn Financial Aid Analyst 5418 marcella.glenn@wright.edu
Michelle Anderson Financial Aid Analyst 5406 michelle.anderson@wright.edu


Name Title/Responsibilities Extension E-mail
Michael Griest Associate Director 4000 michael.griest@wright.edu
Doran Brock Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 doran.brock@wright.edu
Gail Cyan Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 gail.cyan@wright.edu
Michelle Dixon Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 michelle.dixon@wright.edu
Rene Jewett Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 rene.jewett@wright.edu
Betsy Jones Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 betsy.jones@wright.edu
Kellie Kenniebrew Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 kellie.kenniebrew@wright.edu
Kelly Lovell Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 kelly.lovell@wright.edu
Spelicha Mott Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 spelicha.mott@wright.edu
Angela Seiter Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 angela.seiter@wright.edu
Teri Stebbins Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 teresa.stebbins@wright.edu
Carolyn White Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 carolyn.white@wright.edu
Maribeth Yoder Enrollment Services Advisor 4000 maribeth.yoder@wright.edu

Transfer Student Resource Center

Name title/responsibilities extension e-mail  
Charles Long Executive Director 5020 charles.long@wright.edu  
Patricia Roberts Assistant Director 4830 patricia.roberts@wright.edu  

Undergraduate Recruiting



Dani Heeter
Director of Undergraduate Admissions/Recruitment
Brittany Barrett Administrative Assistant 5707 brittany.barrett@wright.edu
Eric Carroll Admissions Representative 5715 eric.carroll@wright.edu
Justin Fiehrer Student Intake Coordinator 5700 justin.fiehrer@wright.edu
Marquita Manns
Assistant Director
Megan O'Toole
Admissions Representative
Lindsay Pitstick Admissions Representative 3922 lindsay.pitstick@wright.edu
Kate Bumhoffer Graduate Assistant 3918 bumhoffer.2@wright.edu
Jacob Clements Graduate Assistant 4831 clements.20@wright.edu